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Not a fan of this store. Maybe it's just the one near me but they never have what they have advertised and I can usually find better deals at other stores. I'm always disappointed when I go there and the few times that I have had problems with products and had to return them it wasn't a fun process standing in the long return line. The only positive thing I can say about Frys is that they have great themed stores. It's fun to walk through them.

I used to visit Frys when I lived in AZ. Their stores are usually clean but very cluttered. Prices are high compared to Walmart so it's tough to shop there when you are on a tight budget unless you buy only their sale items

The thing that I like about Fry's is that the staff are available and always pleasant when helping and my kids have fun when they go there.

This is a good place if you need electronic or computer components. The store does price matching, which is nice.

I love everything about Fry's. They are owned by Kroger so they offer their brand name items, and most are just as good as the name brands. The stores are always clean, the people are always courteous and if there is a problem they handle it quickly and professionally. If they don't carry an item you can request for them to carry it, most of the time they will.

Fry's has a great selection of products and the service people are nice. My daughter likes to go there because they have big interactive games set up to play with.