Cerra Hand & Body Lotion- Grounded Fragrance

Cerra Hand & Body Lotion- Grounded Fragrance

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I found it very distressing that a company with such an earthy, grounded image would make a lotion with a cloying fragrance derived from synthetic ingredients. Synthetic fragrances are connected to asthma and allergies and they cause me migraines, so this lotion was useless to me and the inclusion of synthetic fragrance made me not take Cerra's mission or image as seriously.

Am I the only person who finds that hand and body lotion really, super stinky? I left it in the bathroom at work with the hope that someone else may like it.

I do not like the scent.

Everything in this kit has an odd scent that I'm not very fond of. That aside, the lotion is fairly moisturizing but full of synthetic ingredients. I don't buy products with fragrance so this is not a product that I could use. Disappointed that a concept product of this nature would scrimp on the quality of the ingredients. Replace the fragrance with essential oils and I may give it another shot.

I liked the scent but there was no moisturizing properties

I love the scent of this lotion, it doesn't smell for that long, but the smell makes you feel like taking a deep breath & relaxing.

I like the feel of the lotion, it was really nice and light. The scent was a little strong for me though.

The lotion was pretty good. Did not hold moisture for very long though.

While this lotion has a nice scent initially, it's not very moisturizing and doesn't last very long. I felt like I had to keep reapplying it all day, which I am not a fan of, especially as the winter months are approaching and my skin dries out more.

The lotion is light and moisturizing but im not a fan of the scent

I really enjoyed the lotion, i took it to work and let some of my coworkers try it as well. Although I really liked the smell, I did not feel it was unique, one of a kind. I felt I could probably find it at at drugstore vs a high quality store like Cerra.

Loved this, just need more, lol...the scent was great- though I do think it could be a touch more moisturizing.

Love the smell.... It was great for the hands (did not leave me looking for a more moisturizing lotion).

Scents are a personal preference. I enjoyed it as it was light and had soothing properties. Because of who the maker was, it reminded me to take 30 seconds out of my day to just relect and remain calm about things. I would not say that this is a lotion that's going to provide tons of moisturizing protection, but if you're looking for something that will remind you to take time out for yourself (even if it's just the simple task of applying lotion), then this is the product for you !

I enjoy the smell, and it feels soft on my hands. I'm not sure at this time if all it's ingredients are safe, I prefer all natural items over conventional. As it stands now, I really like the scent.