Teva Mush Flip Flop

Teva Mush Flip Flop

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This brand of flip flop is the only brand I have bought myself in almost 10 years. They last years without falling apart and they are so soft on the bottom of your feet. The price is most definitely worth it.

I love flip flops...and these are just a dream! very comfy! They were my go-to's at Disney World. Not only was I walking around on cloud 9 just being at Disney, but my feet felt like they were too!

So, I don't think these would be considered very "fashionable", but they are the most COMFORTABLE pair of flip flops I've ever had! I absolutely love these and pretty much live in them during the summer! They are so soft and cushy! I also think they come in cute colors. I have never been a flip flop person, mainly because I've never really found a pair that are comfortable. These conformed me!! The only reason why I didn't give them 5 stars is because I don't like that Teva only makes whole sizes in them. They NEED to make 1/2 sizes too!! I typically wear a size 8 shoes (thanks to having four children, my feet have grown a whole size bigger), but the size 8s in these are a tad bit too big, the size 7s are a tad bit too small, so I go with the size 8s and deal with it! Bottom line, I would totally recommend these to people!

I wear flip flops all the time. These are the only pair that I will trust for long walks. I took them with me on a cruise recently and my husband commented he said, "dont' wear those, your feet will be killing you"... alas, no they did not ! They were light , comforable but also had enough support to keep my feet and legs from fatigue.

Bought a pair of these when I was pregnant with me twins. ABSOLUTELY love them. so comfy! I still have them and that was 6 1/2 yrs ago!

I am a former Flip-Flop-Hater. Couldn't stand the feeling of them. But then along came Tevas. I tried a pair and was so surprised by how I didn't even notice anything between my toes. Not only that, they were so "Mush"y! They're lighter than air yet still offer support--hard to imagine a flip providing support! I swear by these shoes. Have a closet full of them. My circle of friends have all gotten hooked on them, too. If you try them, I know you will not be disappointed!