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LeapFrog LeapPad

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I LOVE THIS PRODUCT !! I saw it at walmart and fell in love. My daughter has tons of leapfrog products, the explorer, the tag, the accessories for them everything. I was so happy to see the Leappad, it is basically all the leapfrog products rolled into one and for $99. When I added up all the items she has at home it was well over $150 so $99 was not a bad price. It has video/camera, its an ereader, plays games, all while learning. Its a kiddie version of the Ipad. If you love leapfrog products then this is a must have. Comes in purple and white or green and white.

My kids just love it. It is a great source for learning! It's a great motivation for their math and spelling.

Got this for my son, at first he gets mad cuz he didn't know what to do lol but later he caught on

My son just received a Leap pad 2 for his birthday. He loves it! I also find it fun playing some of the games. I have not been disappointed by any Leapfrog products. We also love the Scout doll, Scout reader, nighttime book, etc.

We love this leap frog. My mom got it for my daughter and she loves it. It was hard getting her to stay away from so much television. We received this in the mail and she cannot put it down. Its really educational too. You can buy educational games and videos for it. I bought the downloaded videos for her that way I just connected it to the computer and purchased it and it downloaded in minutes. So this way I get to pick which videos she watches. I got her some that were more on the educational side. It gives you the option to make profiles on there. She likes to take pictures with it and she can add flowers and stuff to it. Best part is that she thinks its a computer lol. I got some rechargable batteries and she takes it with her everywhere . Very good leap product.

My son loves this toy. His games work on this and his Leapster Explorer. They have games that feature Dora, Phineas and Ferb, Pixar characters and more. It helps him with math, spelling and even geography. You can even download Jeff Corwin videos about animals and other countries. I recommend this toy to every parent.

I love learning games for kids and the leap pad is a great learning tool for kids :-)

Very good, we will definitely buy it

We have used Leapfrog Leappad with both of our kids and they have both loved them. The games are fun and educational and they kids love to play them. Not only that, but the customer service reps are awesome if you have a problem. My son has autism and broke the screen of his Leappad over his head. We contacted the people of Leappad to see how much it would cost to fix the screen and were surprised to find out that they would replace the entire Leappad for FREE the first time. AMAZING. I'm completely in love with this product and this company.

Leapfrog is great but this however is awesome We travel a lot and this kepps my toddler occupied and she can learn at the same time!

Leap pads are a great invention to keep little hands busy and off your iPad! Lots of learning games and activities to keep them busy. Comes in different colors if you need to buy for more than one child!

We got this for my daughter for Christmas and love it! Granted, she is almost 2 and most of the features are above her learning level but she will get there. I love that I can download "apps" or use a cartridge I purchase. It's got a touch screen, which she loves. This is her tablet because everyone else has a tablet so she wanted one too! I can't wait for her to grow into the other features!

Great starter tablet Both of my daughters--2 and 4--have the LeapPad tablet. We got them as beginner tablets as we have about a 30 minute ride in the car each morning and then again each afternoon and it gives them something to do. The girls love the videos, books and games. They are easy to use and both girls can use them without needing too much help. I do like the one my oldest daughter has better as it has a rechargeable battery pack and our other one just uses AA batteries and they seem to not last as long. The games you will download from the LeapConnect online--they are generally around $3-4 per one, with prices varying depending on what you want. But--the games WILL go on more than one tablet so everything we had on my 4 year old's tablet transferred to my 2 year old's without paying more.

We have the LeapPad 2 and we absolutely love it! I was concerned at first it would be too advanced for my son who is only two but we found out quickly he is able to navigate his way through the tablet and he is even able to play the games on his own. We have purchased four game cartridges for him but have currently only given him two-Pet Pals 2 and a Crayola coloring game. He plays both very well on his own with little to no help. This was honestly the best thing I could have purchased for his birthday! He loves watching videos on it and playing games. It holds his attention during car rides and while waiting at the doctor, a restaurant, or anywhere! Definitely worth the money and I love that there is now a rechargeable battery pack that saves on battery cost!

We love the LeapPad. We got this for our son last Christmas. He loves playing games, reading books, and taking pictures and videos. It is great to keep him occuppied during road trips or just for some quiet time around the house. I would definetly recommend this to anyone. If you are thinking about it as a Christmas gift I would buy it early. We bought ours around Thanksgiving last year and did not see another one in the store until after Christmas.