Taste of Home Taste of Home Cookbook

Taste of Home Taste of Home Cookbook

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Whatever I am wanting to cook, I can find a recipe for it in this book. The only reason I didn't give a rating of five stars is because occasionally the recipes are too 'fancy' or complex.

We try a new recipe from this book in our house once every week. It's great what we find and learn to be our new favorites. Plus it makes cooking fun when one tries something new. Not only do they provide the recipe but they also give nutrition facts about the meal.

Taste of Home always provides great recipes on their site or the actual cookbooks. People can review the recipes and make suggestions for possible changes or variations and I always can locate a great new recipe for any need I might have. Its great to find some simple tips and some wonderful new recipes. Most can be made with ingredients you already have on hand. An added plus. Cooking has never been so easy (and so yummy!)

i love anything from taste of homes i get all the books that i can get from them love love love them

I always loved the Taste of Home Magazines and in fact my Mom always gave me a subscription to it for Christmas every year. I have purchased several of the cookbooks and find them visually appealing as well as the recipes family friendly and truly an overall wonderful must have cookbook for every busy Mom who needs a one place stop to find a great recipe for her family.

I just love this cookbook! I got it last year from my husband for Christmas (kind of like a gift to HIMSELF, huh? haha!) I love that it has THREE different levels of cooking... I'm all about the "fast and easy" recipes and have made several. It is for sure my go-to book for when I have my parents coming to visit! I love that it has all kinds of "treats" for me to share with my friends as well, and they never seem to mind being my guinea pigs!

I love this cookbook. My husband got it for me for my birthday. It has alot of different recipes and they range from easy to hard. The directions are easy to follow. It has great pictures and tips to follow on how to plate the food. I really enjoy it.

I love taste of home. You can find good easy family meals to cook while you are at work or something fancy for company. And awesome deserts. I have several of their cookbooks including this one. You can't go wrong with this book.

I love Tase of Home! The recipes are usually easy to follow and I like all the pictures in the book. I have several of thier cookbooks and can always find a recipe in the book for what I wanted to make. The desserts are super yummy!

This is the most useful, helpful cookbook I own! It is my go to staple. I like that there is a protective plastic page in the front you place over the page you're cooking from to keep spills from ruining the page. The pictures are very colorful and helpful. I would recommend it to any beginning or seasoned cook.

LOVE this cookbook! I love the helpful hints (cuts of meat, kitchen shortcuts, cooking techniques, etc...), and I love that the pages are 3 ringed, so you can pull out a recipe without ruining the book. This is my go to cookbook and I haven't been disappointed with a recipe yet.