Fiber One Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies

Fiber One Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies

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fiber one brownie bars we ( my hubbie and I) love the fiber one brownie bars! they are fairly low sugar , taste great , low carb, and awesome taste! will definately buy again-when on sale.

Chocolate Craving These have a great taste for when you are craving chocolate. One bar however is not very filling. They do contain a large amount of fiber. Can be heated in the microwave if you prefer it warm.

Great healthy snack! I love Fiber One Brownies! They are not high in calories and they have plenty of fiber. They taste great and they are not expensive. They are truly a great healthy snack compared to cupcakes!

Taste Amazing! These brownies taste just like a delicious fudge brownie without the guilt, and are perfect if you are dieting and need something for your sweet tooth. Best part is you're getting fiber in every yummy bite!

I love all of Fiber One snacks and especially these brownies. They are delicious and I eat a Fiber One snack almost every day!

Treat yourself These brownies are a nice treat when you crave chocolate. Don't taste like they are only 90 calories.

I really like this brownie. It has a nice chocolate taste and is only 90 calories.

These brownies are perfect if you are dieting and need something for your sweet tooth. They taste just like a chocolate brownie and you are still getting fiber. They low calories are great too.

This product taste very healthy, but the taste is not compared to a real brownie... But it's very good for a healthy treat if your craving for sweets

I love this product. Fiber One 90 Calorie has a really sweet taste and it does not leave a bitter after taste in my mouth. In fact, I am on my fourth pack or box and I have tried this product for about three months now. My favorite flavor are the lemon bars. There are two added bonuses , I do not feel like I am cheating by eating a "dessert " or eating something sweet and the biggest bonus is I am losing a few pounds. Although, I have to admit that I am not over weight.

These are amazing. You would think with only 90 calories they would be lacking on flavor but they are so rich and chocolaty that its so satisfyingly delicious. Plus with the 90 cals i dont feel guilty by eating 2!

They were just ok. A little too cake-like and chocolate for my taste. It is a personal preference.

Has a great taste! Low calorie! Really hits the spot!

One of my most favorite snacks. I don't feel guilty having one of these brownies and it satisfies my craving for chocolate. I buy these all the time. Just love them!

A great low calorie alternative when I want somèthing chocolate. A little bit drier than a regular brownie but still satisfying.