Brinna Sands The Original King Arthur Flour Cookbook

Brinna Sands The Original King Arthur Flour Cookbook

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This is a great cookbook for all basic baking recipes. Each chapter includes an in-depth, step-by-step basic recipe, followed by tons of variations. This book has really taught me to bake and to develop my own baking recipes.

I truly love this cookbook. It is my go to for baking recipes. My husband is gluten intolerant, but I am still able to modify many recipes to make them for him. It is the one cookbook that I recommend for bakers.

I love this cookbook and think it is a must for every cook, novice or pro. It is a compilation of the most sensible cooking and baking material, along with how-tos, tips and "bakers secrets" for perfect results. I have purchased every KAF book published because they just keep getting better but there is no doubt that one could use this cookbook alone for the rest of their cooking career and be successful.

No matter what level of baking experience you have this is the go to baking book. I buy them for wedding gifts so the new bride can have only the best to start with. You will never be wrong using this book.

love this cookbook, i get there magazine subscriptions and i love there recipes, so much yummy stuff!!

This is my favorite go to cook book. I LOVE baking and it always puts me in a good mood. I love flipping to a random page and just diving right in.

This was my first baking cookbook. I love it. It's great for learning baking basics.

This is the kind of cookbook for any level of cooking. My daughter-in-law complains that she can't bake, it makes her nervous. Having tried some of the recipes she was given, she says she is less intimidated. I have to say that it is great to see her smile when she tries a new recipe and even is beginning to enjoy experimenting.

Perfect for the baking basics and a must-have for every home baker. KAF recipes are always my go-to!