Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

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Am I the only one who just doesn't like this cookbook??? I WANT to like "The Joy..." but I have almost 100 cookbooks and about 5 that are my go to books and I always pull out the Joy when looking for a recipe and it rarely gives me what I need. The couple of times I have used a recipe from the book they haven't come out very good. I think the Better Homes and Garden and the Cooks Illustrated cookbooks are much better over all cookbooks. I feel like such a trader for not liking this book

Great for those who love to read cookbooks because you'll learn a lot about the details of what you're cooking.. Some of the entries, like about how to select a fresh chicken (you mean you can cook chicken that wasn't frozen?) are dated, as are some of the recipes. And, there's not much in the way of ethnic food. That said, I turn to this book for the old standbys like pie crust, cream sauces, and any cut of any meat.

I always give this cookbook to new brides as a shower gift with blank recipe cards. It never goes out of style and is helpful to get started with cooking great dinners and brunches.

Love the recipes and the easy instructions to follow.

This is my go to cookbook i absolutely love this cookbook because you could find anything to cook in there. It also teaches you the techniques in cooking.

I received this cookbook for my wedding shower and have used it ever since...not only for the recipes but also for the menu planner and lists of substitutions. An excellent gift for a shower!

This is the book my mother gave me when I went away to college. It is still the book I go to now when I have questions about temperature, time, amount or substitutions. Today with the internet you can find almost recipe you want. But, The Joy of Cooking is still a book I pull out. Whether it is to try a new kind of pancake, or like last month when I successfully attempted scones it has all the answers I need. My mom passed away five years ago so I can't call her anymore to ask about how long to put a roast in the oven, but I know that the Joy of Cooking has that answer for me. When my son goes away to school the newest addition will be going with him. It is definitely a must have.

This is the best "go-to" resource when you're in the kitchen! Oddly enough --I don't use this for the recipes as much as I use it for substitutions, reminders, etc. There is so much information packed in this book, that if you can't find it here - it's probably not out there!

Wonderful book! The ABCs of cooking... Paula

This is the ultimate "Go-To" cookbook! My mother always had this book not too far away when she was in the kitchen and I too always keep it within reach. Everything from the simple basics to preparing a fantastic meal, this is the cookbook to have. Very easy to understand and I will be passing this on to my daughter.

Joy of Cooking should be a part of every cookbook collection. It helps you understand recipes. Would make a great house warming or wedding present. I must have.

Great go-to cookbook. I've had mine for years and it's so full of great recipes!

This a great cookbook. I have one for years. It's helpful and the instructions are easy to follow. It's a must for any kitchen

This is a great cookbook, so easy and simple to follow and make a perfect meal . I love it.

I received this cookbook over 20 years ago from my grandmother as a wedding gift. I used it often, I have never been one to follow a recipe, I tend to throw in more of this or leave out that, but this cookbook taught me the basics on everything I needed to know about cooking. I have since bought at least one more copy of the book, but possibly more. My last copy, I gave to my daughter, who can't boil water, and told her to start reading. This is the best "all purpose" cookbook I have ever found.