Rada Tomato Slicer

Rada Tomato Slicer

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This time of year the tomatoes are abundant and I use this knife to slice and dice. It moved quickly and smoothly through the skin and makes slicing as easy and slicing through butter. Quick and easy, that's what I love in my kitchen.

My mother-in-law gave me a set of these knives for a wedding gift. She said that she got a set for her wedding 50 years ago and they were just as sharp now as the day she got them. I love them and I use them everyday. The tomato knife is serrated for easy cutting of soft flesh fruits, tomatoes, peaches and so on.

This works so well. The blade is so sharp that it just cuts through the thin skin of the tomato like nothing. I've never had a problem with this knife. It seems like the blade never goes dull and it's just as sharp as the day I got it about5 years ago. Definitely recommend to everyone.