Pampered Chef Large Micro-Cooker

Pampered Chef Large Micro-Cooker

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A must have for every kitchen This is a great item that everyone needs in their kitchen. It makes it so easy to strain water from anything! Throw away the old metal strainers and add this to your kitchen tool kit!

What Did I Do I Without You? So funny to see this product on here to review. My sister just gifted me this steamer last weekend. I live alone and sometimes find it difficult to cook large portions for myself. This microwave steamer is perfect for me to make one portion of steamed veggies (cauliflower last night) and it?s a super time saver. So easy to use and clean (which is a huge plus) and I don?t have so much food waste. Love it.. thanks sister!!

Great for Everyone This works really well, great for people of all ages. The ability to steam foods only using the microwave is perfect for those in dorms, and those who travel. Love the size, large enough for a protein and vegetables to be steamed at one time.

Easy to Use Love the ease of being able to steam in the microwave This piece is very durable and works well

Convenient Microwave Steamer We love this for microwave ramen and steamed veggies. Love the strainer on the lid. This steamer gets a lot of use!

Household essential I got my first one of these over 20 years ago when I hosted a party. I now have 4 or 5, because they are simply essential. My son loves this one as well as the smaller one. Sometimes we buy frozen vegetables that are not in a steamable bag, and this is the perfect vessel for preparing them, It is also fantastic for warming pizza sauce or other liquids. The handles stay cool, and the top has a built-in strainer. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Yes, I am still using the original one I bought all those years ago!

I love it. easy to make and vent food when cooking. Very easy to clean and store.

Pampered Chef Large Micro-Cooker I have the Pampered Chef Large Micro-Cooker and the rest of the set I love them their so easy to keep food in and they keep the food hot longer

Healthy Delicious Food in Minutes This is great for cooking vegetables in the microwave. Just add fresh cut vegetables. Then a small amount of water. Cook for a small amount of time. Then I have a delicious healthy side in minutes. This is a great item in the kitchen.

Best steamer out there We only eat fresh veggies in my house. Because of that, I am always looking for ways to steam them that don't take a whole pot on the stove. I love this product so much I just bought a bigger one. It cooks fast and well and is great for serving if needed.

I have 3 of these. Yes, I said THREE! They are always dirty because I use them every single day. I can steam vegetables and easily drain. I can make a whole pound of pasta (there are 5 of us!) and easily drain. It will hold an entire microwave bag of popcorn. I put my kitchen scraps in a dirty one to take to the trash. I am not kidding - I really do use them for everything! I love these things. Can't imagine life in the kitchen without them!

Great for microwave I use this wonderful littele pot ALL THE TIME. It's so convenient to just stick in the microwave. Great for veggies and noodles and whatever your kids enjoy. Dishwasher safe.

The great pot I got❤️ I have owned one of these for 22 years. I have used it quite extensively. I recommend one to anyone who loves steaming veggies. College students can use them for most in dorm cooking. Easy to clean as well.

Great for cooking potatoes!

I have 2 of these and use them both. I love them for steaming veggies but also for reheating leftovers and heating hotdogs and other things. Very handy, light, doesn't take up much space. I have done pasta in it but the Pampered Chef Rice Cooker is better for that, since it helps with boil overs. Other than that I agree with the other reviews, it is a great item!