V8 Splash Berry Blend

V8 Splash Berry Blend

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Actually I dislike V8 Splash

I just finished the whole bottle and it's very sugary and at least aftertaste ewwwww

This drink is about the most awful thing anyone can drink that's offered on shelves. Not real fruit and vegetables. Too many bad things on the nutrition list. Too long of an ingredients list. My motto, if I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't eat it.

I was surprised at how good this actually tasted. It is a little on the sweet side for my taste, so I add some water to it.

We bought this recently and did nt really enjoy the taste.. Plus it is too sugary.. We are great fans of the Naked juice and would prefer paying more to buy a natural drink..

It's little healthy but I am not a big fan of V8

My family likes the taste of this juice, but the price makes it a little hard to buy unless it's on sale.

It's good if you like your drinks sweet. I'm not a fruit punch kind of girl, but hey it is an easy way to get fruit and veggie goodness down picky eaters!

This juice is good every once in while, but this flavor can taste like sweetened tomato juice sometimes.

I like it because its cheaper than the fusion but it has less fruits and vegetables and more sugar I believe. You can get the light kind that is made with Splenda but it tastes much more watery than the latter. This is alright and Ill buy it when its on sale but it isn't the best juice out there.

Good juice, not top of the line but its a fair price and better for you than drinking pop

This juice is very good. I have never liked anything V8 until i tried this. Not something I would buy all the time, but it's good for a change.

I personally dont drink this, But my son loves this stuff. He is pretty picky about his drinks!

This is my favourite V8! Has a pleasant flavour, AND a serving of veggies in it!

great product, great price point. a little high in the sugar department but what juice isn't. great flavor and exceptional way to sneak some extra fruit and veggies down when you are a little short in that department for the day.