V8 Splash Berry Blend

V8 Splash Berry Blend

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my grandkids love v8 and so do I it is expensive but so worth the price kids and adults get all the vitamins they miss with not eating right Great Stuff

tastes good I love V8 juices and so does my whole family. It's such a healthier alternative than other juices and it tastes good

Love this juice We absolutely love this juice. We buy it every week and every time that we enter the grocery store. Has a smooth flavor mix as well as other things for like smoothies breakfast drinks for the kids, etc. Love to recommend this to our friends to try their kids as well. ?I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions.?

This is a great drink that is healthy and thirst-quenching. I also like it when I want something sweet but healthy too.

my kids love this!

V8 is a very yummy.drink my kids.and i love.it.

Tha's all I have in my fridge, love the juice, have less sugar than other juices and is very refreshing.


i buy all the time!! i love the taste the price. they should do it bigger like a plus size family. :D my kids love them.

This is the first juice my husband will drink really good! He drinks it every day! Of all the V8 Splash flavors my family loves the Berry Blend the most!

Another one of my favorite juices love this stuff and try to drink it weekly.

I like it

Yummy, inexpensive, a little high on the sugar but all over a great product

I love the fact that you get your fruits and vegetables as well.I love the fruity taste to these drinks. They are such a good drink for the summer as well.

my three year old loves these they are handy and portable and easy for us to take with us everywhere and a great alternative to regular juice and sports drinks