AeroGarden Elite

AeroGarden Elite

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Mini garden Such a great mini garden. Herbs grow really well and rather quickly- nice to keep right in your kitchen to incorporate right into your cooking.

Fun and Self Sufficiency during Quarantine! I purchased mine in February and was already excited to get started before the quarantine - but now I'm even more obsessed with this thing! How incredible to snip fresh basil right on the spot to make some cheese and tomato crackers for lunch or snip some parsley to pop onto pasta at dinner! Right now Im waiting for cherry tomatoes to ripen! Its so fun to watch everyday!

This is a fun gadget. It's nice to have the fresh herbs, but it does take up space esp. in a home or kitchen where counter space is at a premium! It was a fun gift, but dont know that I would spend the money on it myself.

The AeroGarden is more of a kitchen accessory than a 'gadget', but it bears mentioning here because it's 100% fabulous. The AG is a system that enables you to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen, and it's almost absurdly easy to use. All you need to do to get started is place pre-packaged seed pods in the AG's slots; then, turn the unit on and watch the herbs grow. To maintain: water and feed with a few ounces of pre-packaged plant food once every two weeks. The herbs flourish in no time, and the setup is super simple and clean. My boyfriend and I are now totally addicted to fresh herbs - dill, lemon basil, mint, you name it. The AG is the highlight of our kitchen (and our meals!).