Orka Silicone Mitt

Orka Silicone Mitt

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This is a super cool oven mitt! I've had trouble sometimes with fabric mitts- They'll have little hot spots that get through, and makes it tough to hold on to a hot pan or dish when that heat gets through, right? Ugh, hate that. These are so cool- They work amazing, feel great, and look awesome. I totally recommend them!

I love these mitts!!! I have to laugh because my mother-in-law refuses to use it when she is in my kitchen! She is just sure it is gonna melt on her. It takes a bit to get used to the bulky-ness, but I too will never go back. Plus, mine is bright pink which is always fun

I have been using Orka silicone mitts for a number of years and would never go back to textile mitts. These are waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and THEY WORK. I have never received a burn using these. Where they excel is that they protect you even when wet! They might look a little odd, but their performance and ease of cleaning put them at the top of the heap. I have seen other similar products, but I prefer the thickness and feel of the Orka mitt. They are worth every cent!

these mitts are awesome, I love them, at first I was scared to use them, but now I will never go back to the old kind. They are great to use if you are use to burning yourself with the old mitts, they work great wet or dry.

For long years I had been using fabric mitts till I got the chance to use this silicone mitt. Let me say this is really amazing, it's very flexible, give more thermal isolation and it's liquid proof in contrast to the cloth mitt that easily stained absorbed liquids so needs to be washed very frequently! i would definitely recommend