Bodum Ibis 57 oz Electric Tea Kettle

Bodum Ibis 57 oz Electric Tea Kettle

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I'm not much of a tea drinker however I love using this! I use it for anytime I need boiling water. With mashed potatoe packets, coffee with a french press, the occasional hot tea when I'm sick, hot cocoa. Anything you can think of. I love it and so does my grandpa!

Sorry, but i have never seen this product before. Sounds like it makes a great cup of tea.

My friend loves tea. When we go over to her house she makes us a nice cup of tea with this.

I guess it's my nature to be a bit lazy. The number one reason this is the "item" for me is that it will keep my water hot for a very long time and lots of it. No need to keep going back and forth to the microwave. Just pour a nice hot cup. SOOO Easy

OK - who knew? Not that microwaving or boiling a cup of water was hard or anything, but after buying and using this I'm thinking maybe this is even EASIER! I love this product! I use it not only for tea, hot chocolate and soups, but in boxed potato recipes and to hard boil eggs - to name a few. When I want to scour my sink and save a ton of water, I just fill and plug this in. I loved mine so much, I bought one for my Mom and she loves hers too. I use it everyday and wonder how I previously got along without it. Amazing product.

I got the bug for electric tea kettles a few decades ago after a semester in London where they were ubiquitous. Since then, a Bodum electric tea kettle has been a staple in my kitchen and gets a steady, daily workout. They are very durable. I'm on my second and I'm mourning the previous design a little--it was red and a little less modern/sleek, more my decorating sensibility. But this new one has design enhancements that I appreciate that are keeping it in good shape longer.