Pyrex 1 Cup Measuring Cup

Pyrex 1 Cup Measuring Cup

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Pyrex measuring cup I love Pyrex but.....the writing came right off my measuring cup!! Good thing I can pretty much guess where the measurements are so I can still use it. Not sure why this happened but I will still use Pyrex products.

Really good product. Durable and easy to use and read. I've been using for a while and the lines haven't faded like my other measuring cups.

What I like the most about this is that you can bake in it!!

The Pyrex 1 cup measuring cup has made all measuring needs that much easier. I use it almost every time I have to measure something and it has been extremely durable.

It's a great measuring cup that makes it to measure anything. The glass is very clear and easy to read. Mine has lasted me forever and it hasn't shown any wear at all. Great product, Pyrex is known for its quality.

Dropped it so many times and stays sturdy. It's great.

My mom used these constantly growing up. I remember she would frequently save the grease from whatever had she had cooked, sometimes to reuse in something else, other times just to get rid of it. They never busted open, even if the grease was pretty hot. I tried that same trick when I moved out into my own house with a glass measuring cup that was not Pyrex and quickly learned that not all glass measuring cups are the same, and that glass can explode!

I use mt measuring cups all the time for everything. 13 years later they still are my "go to" cup. They hold up to the heat, the freezer, and my kids!

I love anything Pyrex! This measuring cup is the best, thick, durable, and the lines dont rinse off when washing repeately. I even dropped it by accident and it didnt break or crack, it fell on the counter, but others probably would have broken.

I love Pyrex. It can handle extreme temperatures, just as long as it's not changing temperature too rapidly it will hold up beautifully and not crack. You've got to take care of Pyrex a little, but if you do, the Pyrex will take care of you. And I really like the measuring cups. The markings are indeed handy and easy to read, but the shape of the cups is what I really like. They leave a smaller footprint, and I need all the counter top real estate I can manage.