Starbucks Coffee Press

Starbucks Coffee Press

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I love the Starbucks french press, especially this model because it's insulated. Your coffee will stay hot for 2 hours after its made. This is super easy to use- anyone can make a good cup of coffee. The coffee grounds stay at the bottom and not in your cup, which sometimes can be an issue with other french presses I've tried!

I like the Starbucks French Press because I can add extra coffee, make it really strong, and store it in the refrigerator to use all week, just adding hot water! practically instant coffee first thing in the morning.

There is just nothing like coffee made in a French Press! That being said, Starbucks has taken this one step further and insulated theirs. This is such a huge bonus for someone such as myself who drinks more than one cup. Generally, I would need to either go through the entire process to make another cup, or make more than one at a time and them microwave my second cup. With Starbucks French Press, problem solved!

My parents would love this product. I need to find.

French press coffee is always the way to go! It may take a little more time but trust that the commitment is worth it!

My life would be complete with one of these. Must....have....NOW.