Yoplait Yogurt Light Fat Free Raspberry Cheesecake

Yoplait Yogurt Light Fat Free Raspberry Cheesecake

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Not good. I usually page all Yoplait, but light fate free is terrible. It leaves an awful aftertaste.

To thin and it has an after taste I do not like.

Light but with sweeteners, sugar is better from artificial stuff!

Not my favorite. The color was weird and it didn't taste like what I had expected.

Not what I thought it would taste like.

I really liked the flavor of this product, however, I wish there were more consistency to it. Mine was pretty thin. I bet a Greek version would better suit my taste.

I like yoplait and most of their flavors. This flavor is o my top 20's.

My daughter loves yoplait yogurts. I only wish they were organic. She likes this flavor pretty well and so far the only one she isn't a fan of is vanilla

Love these! Eat these quite often in the morning before classes!

So good and great for breakfast.

Yum yum yum!!! eat a yogurt once a day every day.. love love love yoplait

This is creamy, has a bit of a different after taste, but all low fat and fat free food does that has a low calorie sweetener. But I still like the flavors they are good.

Very tasty yogurt! I love many flavor of this yogurt. Very affordable!

I love these yoplait light yougurts and yes they do taste just like the flavors. My kids love them too so thats awesome. Key Lime Pie, and Boston Cream Pie are my favorites.....

I love it.