5-Hour Energy Grape

5-Hour Energy Grape

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These..have a purpose. Yes, it tastes like grape medicine. I honestly wouldn't expect anything else. I use these on road trips, or if I need to stay up for a late shift, or if I got NO sleep last night and need to function at full capacity. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I either wouldn't drink this or I would drink half. This is an energy SHOT, you are NOT meant to slowly sip it. Which is probably why it tastes like medicine. However, the other flavors do taste better. This gets the job that it's meant for done though, so I can't give it below 4 stars.

This drink is 2 ounces of pure energy. It gets me through long days after nights with little to no sleep. I don't recommend it for children or anyone who gets heart palpitations from caffeine. If you need a boost that doesn't crash after an hour, this gross-tasting potion will put a pep in your step.

This was one of the first energy drinks I ever had and it made me feel shaky and the flavor is disgusting!

Didnt really care for the flavor, felt shakey, its a waste of money my opinion.

This gives me energy, but tastes horrible!!!! Its like taking medicine.

I have to disagree. Yes it doesnt taste good but you can swallow it in one gulp and it really gets the job done for me.This 5 hour energy shot is part of mydaily routine. I have one each morning like coffee. I get so much done, i feel energized but not jittery. It has less caffiene then a cup of coffee but with healthy vitamins and minerals.

This was just plain gross. They were giving away free samples when I tried this and that's a good thing because I would have been really unhappy to have paid for something that disgusting!

Gross. Not worth it.

just plain disgusting! LOL

It doesn't taste very good and I did not notice any extra energy.

This really didnt do much for me and the taste was less then appealing.

Did not like the after taste. Didn't really feel any different.

It gives me the energy I need to get through my midnight shifts but the taste is bad. It doesnt make me jittery and If I want to go to bed right when I get home I can.

Bleh- that's all I can say. I'm not a huge caffeine person anyway, but my problem wasn't so much the caffeine, it was the taste. Grape in any product can tend to taste like cough syrup and this was no exception.