Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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These were a life saver when my daughter was little. She loved these and we did as well because they disolve and don't get as sticky as some of the other baby biscuits

My daughter loved these! Especially the strawberry flavored! Some other brands became really sticky and gummy, but these were way less messy!

My son is now 9 months old and he has been eating these for about 3 months. He did not care for baby food and I was worried it may be because of a sensory issue. A friend suggested these...she is a mother and also an early intervention Occupational therapist. My son LOVES them! They were a great snack food, easy for him to hold, and eat. They dissolve quickly and I never worry about him choking on them. he is now eating other finger foods, I really think these helped him make the transition to solids. The vegetable flavor are his favorite.

My daughter (15 mo old) loves these! Quick and easy snack on the go.

my grandson couldn't get enough of these. he thinks they are the greatest things in the world.

I LOVED these as snacks on the go. They were great when going somewhere dressed up because I never had to worry about them staining an outfit. My daughter gobbled these up all the time.

My son loves these! He has a swallowing disorder. His speech pathologist recommended these to us as a better alternative to biter biscuits. The only thing I do not like about this product is that I haven't found a safe way to store these in the diaper bag. They always seem to crumble into a million pieces!

My daughter Madison absolutely loves these! They are great for her while she is teething. Of course with any baby and food comes a mess but its not sticky and not hard to clean up. The banana ones are her favorite. I recommend these to all my friends who have babies.

These are amazing!i call them "surfboards" at my house. I give them to my daycare kids as a treat. They love them! They dissolve so easily so no worries about choking. They come 2 to a package in the box, so easily portable. Not messy so great on the car!

My son loves these! They are perfect for practicing how to eat with his hands!

Love love love these. They are great for little ones, safe and easy to take along. These are perfect for little finger food. They don't make a mess like some other foods, the kids love them and they come in packages that are easily stuffed in a diaper bag or purse.

Amazing for any teething baby.Keeps them content & happy.

These are wonderful little snacks! They aren't as messy as other teether products. They are easy to tote around, great for on the go, and taste great. I like that they do dissolve so they are great for younger ones to nibble on.

Love these and easy clean up!

The perfect food for a baby starting solids. I had no fear of my baby choking on it as it dissolves so easily. Even as a toddler my son still loves them. I agree with some other comments, they do not travel well at all. They will break into many many small pieces.