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  • Apricotdreams By  Apricotdreams    

    Allergies be gone

    This is an awesome product to clear your sinuses. Helps prevent allergic rhinitis from becoming an infection.

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  • hhelmreich By  hhelmreich    

    I have severe allergies and sinus issues. I?ve tried medications and sprays and while they relieve the symptoms somewhat, they never helped like sinus rinse has. Completely changed my life! If you have a sinus infection, use this product and it is gone almost immediately

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Best thing ever!

    Scuba divers have been using products like this for decades! They're the perfect way to help clear out congestion and infections from sinuses without the need to pump your body full of medicines. It's so easy and comfortable to do that we were able to treat one of our sons for recurring sinus infections when he was only 4.

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  • Thom3674 By  Thom3674    

    This irrigation solution is a regular staple in our home. My daughter and I both have awful allergies and this helps clear congestion and ease sinus pain and pressure. The solution is gentle enough that we use it as a flush on my granddaughter when she gets congested.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Valuable Part of My Daily Routine

    I don't know what I would do without this product. Having allergies year round is terrible. But this makes it bearable. I get a stuffed up nose and this clears it up. I make sure to use it often. Preferably on a daily basis. This has become a very valuable part in my routine. It works wonders.

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  • bubblegumpop By  bubblegumpop    

    My go to when I'm sick

    My allergies are bad to begin with but ,I was having recurring sinus infections and my doctor recommended this product . Since using this product my allergies are better , my colds & Viruses are shorter and more bearable and I haven't had anymore severe sinus infections in a few years . It's easy to use , not hard to keep clean and sanitized and less expensive than prescription drugs and other over the counter medications that have side effects and can make you sick .

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  • Lustrae By  Lustrae    

    What would I do without this?

    I can't live without my NeilMed when I get a cold. I originally startrd using this right after I had sinus surgery a year ago (recommended by my ENT Dr.), and have used it ever since. It takes around 3 uses to get used to it. The first time is a bit comical, so bring your sense of humor. This is much easier to use and more effective than a Netti Pot. Go get one! You won't regret it.

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  • LilyEyr By  LilyEyr    

    Once you get past the concept of the product, it really helps alleviate the sinus pressure and pain! Make sure there's no one around to take an embarrassing video of you. I would recommend doing it directly over a large sink and wearing an apron.

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  • BeachcomberD By  BeachcomberD    

    This sinus rinse works great. When I start feeling like my nose is stuffy I use this to clear out my sinus. Great safe product to use during cold and flu season.

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  • bmautz By  bmautz    

    I have used this when really desperate but I do not feel like you can really clean kt well enough after use of the bottle. My husband uses it frequently and loves it.

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  • dpoore3 By  dpoore3    

    I have cancer of the sinus and paratoid gland and this works best to help me breath

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    The whole process of heating bottled water, irrigating your nose, and then disinfecting the bottle can be a bit annoying but there's no denying that this product will help cure what ails you. A few years ago I came down with a bug that I could not shake and the congestion was driving me crazy. I didn't think this would "uncork" my nose and allow me to breathe again. I was super excited when two days of saline rinses did what two weeks of decongestant products couldn't do - I could breathe again! If you're a regular allergy or congestion sufferer, I'd highly recommend you purchase this product for regular use (and, of course, keep a kit around for the cold & flu season).

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  • argreenberg By  argreenberg    

    Can be uncomfortable while using, but it's worth it to be able to breathe through your nose when you've been congested. Really works to get all the gunk out of your sinuses to help you breathe and help prevent sinus infections. Just be sure to use with distilled or previously boiled water. Using tap water with this product can be dangerous.

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  • ishhappens By  ishhappens    

    This is perfect for sinus congestion, colds and allergies. It is also a great alternative to medicine and can give you instant relief from congestion! Perfect when youre pregnant and are trying to cure your cold naturally.

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  • SandraMM By  SandraMM    

    Awkward to use at first, but then you get used to it. Does a great job of clearing your sinuses. Highly recommend the NetiPot!

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