Sobe Lifewater

Sobe Lifewater

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Taste like aspartame, and claim to give you vitamins...but are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors? No thanks

I cant get past the asparitane after taste!

I wasn't impressed, but my parents seem to be addicted, they buy it by the case, can't seem to stopp, like tobacco :-/

Not a bad product. I have only tried a few flavors and they don't seem to have the diet after tast most diet drinks have.

its flavored water but not that tasty I was not that impressed with it

Hmmmm its alright, could be better.

I have actually gotten free sample of this and i like it but i'm not crazy about it. It is a nice change to just water or soda though.

Refreshing Lots of great flavors and they are light in flavor. I like to have these when I want a low calorie drink with a nice light flavor.

This tastes pretty good and love all the flavors.

I enjoy the Life water. Most of the flavors taste well. Great after a workout.

I enjoy the taste,and when its sugar free I try it.

I really like these. They are full of flavor without being syrupy.

I love these! Zero calories & mostly great flavors. There's only one or two flavors that I don't enjoy. While the aspartame is a concern, it just means that I save these as a special treat after a good workout.

I love some of the flavors, but others taste bad. So I am 50-50 on this product. but The flavors I do like I would have to give 4 stars!

Absolutely love the Pacific Coconut! To tell the truth I don't care for any of the other flavors. The Coconut flavor is very hard to come by where I am from and I love it so much that whenever I see it, I buy at least 10!!