Sobe Lifewater

Sobe Lifewater

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A zero calorie drink that doesn't tastes great. I liked this a lot better than the diet Vitamin Water drink. Really great selection of new flavors!

My son didn't like flavored water until trying Sobe. Now he loves it. I like that it is much healthier for him than pop. We buy it at BJ's so it is cheaper to buy. My husband takes it to work to drink. He works in a hot factory so it is very refreshing.

I really love these too especially when you don't want water and you don't want soda this does cure your thrist. And I epecially like that it's not too sweet.

These taste very good! There are some really good flavors!

Love the pear apple. Very refreshing and light tasting.

pear apple is the BEST! I love lifewater and when we are on the go we always make sure we have some in the car for the kids. I like the light refreshing taste and the fact that they contain vitamins!!!

It is really good!!

I love Sobe Life Waters! The taste is great with tons of flavor! The newest ones though aren't so great.

Love this product my preferred brand

Tastes good, certainly better for you than higher calorie drinks. Tastes better than others like Propel, since they don't have a gross aftertaste. It's probably my favorite low-calorie flavored water.

Wonderful and refreshing drink. Great taste and great flavors. It hydrates you when you needed with that little extra boost.

Love these!! They have great flavor and don't leave the after taste that most diet drinks leave. PLus, you can find coupons for them or find them on sale quite often!

I love it when I can get it on sale for a dollar at Target and end up taking a cartful to the check out. Love this wish it came in home delivery!!!!

love sobe my two favorites are fuji apple pear and yumberry pomegranite they are a wonderful alternative to people who have given up soda

I love these! Cherry Pomegranate is my favorite!