Hasbro Candy Land

Hasbro Candy Land

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My kids like this, but the parents find it really annoying to play. I'm hoping that they grow out of it soon and move on to games that are fun for the adults too.

only giving 3/5 stars because i can never keep track of all the tiny little pieces

This game is good for matching and learning colors but I think there are better games out there. I didn't love this game as a kid but I bought it for my kids because it's a classic. They didn't love it either. They didn't understand why the licorice was a bad space; they like licorice.

i love it my kids love toys including this would love to try some we will give great reviews i have 3 kids

I remember playing this as a child and now 20yrs later my own daughter plays it and LOVES it. I enjoy playing this with her as it gives us mother/daughter bonding time :)

Nice Won this game at my daughters school last year! She loves and enjoys playing this game. It helps with her counting and colors.

Family Fun Game Candy Land is easy and fun. My kids and grand kids love playing it.

Fun for everyone I loved this game as a little girl and i still love it today

a family favorite Candy land is a all time american favorite in all households. Always fun to pull out and play every few year. and perfect for child's first game

Love it I love Candy Land and this older edition is still amazing. I don't like the new version of Candy Land since the gameboard is too small and the figures do not look the same. But this one is true to it's original design.

Fun for the littles! This game was so fun when i was little, back when the game had cards to draw instead of a spinner to spin. it was more fun to play with the cards bc my sibs and i always kept an eye out for that 1 card with the blue Queen Frostine card that got us the closest to the end. I bought the game recently to play with my kids. Now it has a spinner to spin to jump the colored blocks to the end. not as fun as fighting over Queen Frostine, but my kids still enjoy playing.

My children and I have always had so much fun playing this game. It is multi age friendly. Its a game we can be silly and have family fun time with.

A classic. Fun for the whole family!

Loved playing this game as a child and love the fact that both my kids played this as well. We love family game night and have it every weekend.

My sons first boars game!! They love it, my husband not so much lol. But its a great way for toddlers to learn colors. Definitely a plus on fun and learning!!!