Torani Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup

Torani Sugar Free Salted Caramel Syrup

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Love it I put this in my coffee from time to time and I really like it. It's extremely sweet though.

I tasted it, only, because I can't eat fake sugar, it shots my nerves. Not at all impressed with the flavor. No matter how little I put in it is always too sickening-syrupy sweet and the horrible after taste of the fake sugar was hard to rinse out of my mouth, and the flavor is over powered and diminished by the sickening sweet. Also Dr Oz Just recently spent an entire hour (Oct. 2013) explaining the findings of the last 40 years, of how detrimental fake sugar is to the human body. Physicians & professional nutritionists (around the world) are insisting that their patients wean off of fake sugar. Fake sugar is so insidious you can't quit cold turkey, and the doctors are recommending each week to cut the fake sugar intake by 1/2, until you are off it totally. Fake sugar is addicting, numbs the sweet tasters so more & more is needed to accomplish sweetness. There is no evidence fake sugar helps to lose weight, but there is a lot of evidence (40 years) that it causes the human body gain fat weight in the omentum (belly fat), and that fake sugar is one of the leading causes of heart disease. You can check this out at DoctorOz website.

I usually don't like Splenda, but the flavor of the salted caramel hid the after taste very well. I have added it to both hot chocolate and hot milk and wow, what a treat. My kids love it as we'll, though I don't give it to them very often since Splenda is really bad for kids. I would have preferred to try the regular kind (not sugar free), but it was a free sample. If you like Splenda, definitely give it a try!

I took this over to my parent's house as my dad is diabetic and loves to try new sugar-free flavors. First he and I added about a teaspoon to our coffees (black no additional sugar or sweetener) and were so surprised how overly sweet this tasted. Often sugar-free means replacing with Splenda and it was just too much. I thought there was a a sweet then slight salty aftertaste and I was so disappointed. I would like to try another flavor!

I was pleasantly surprised by this syrup! I love salted caramel as a flavor, but had never thought to put it in my coffee or hot cocoa before. It was delicious in both! The flavor was almost a buttery caramel, and the syrup added a richness to my coffee and cocoa that I appreciated. I also drizzled this over some vanilla ice cream and it even made my husband smile (he's a tough critic). I love it!

My family really enjoyed the flavor of this, except it does have a slight, artificial sweetener flavor to it. Also, my husband has serious reactions to Splenda, so he wasn't able to enjoy this one. If you are looking for a good flavored syrup with no calories, this is definitely one to try. It was delicious in my coffee and also great as an ice cream topping.

Torani Sugar Free Salted Caramel is hands down my favorite of the flavors (and I've tried most all, which I've liked). Little bit goes a long way, nice rich flavor, sinful in coffee... it's my reward without all the calories when I want a treat.

Yum!!!! If your low carbing then this will be a great additive for coffee b/c its tastey and has ZERO carbs! The vanilla was awesome too.

I was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed this flavor. I wasn't sure how I felt about salt and caramel paired together and add to the fact that it's sugar free. I tried this syrup with ice coffee and it was delicious! The best part about it was that I poured in just a tiny amount and it was just right. You don't need a lot and the balance of flavor was perfect. It was my first time to try Torani and definitely my first time to try this flavor. I want more.