Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

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Perfect cleansing wipes. Absolutely love these wipes. Perfect for kids and adults and multi functional. They smell great, are gentle on the skin and have never clogged my plumbing. Highly recommend!

Love having these in the bathroom. I use them on my toy dog to wipe his paws after his walk when it rains. Everyone in the family uses them. So Great.

I keep these in my bathroom or on the go. I have a 3 yr old and this def comes in handy

THese are great anytime, we always keep some in the car when we no matter were we have to stop ,I feel like our bathroom needs are taking care of

Love these! They cut down on the amount of TP my family uses, and leaves me feeling so much cleaner afterward. A great invention, I wish I had had these growing up. I would have felt much less self conscious every time I went to the bathroom!

I always have thes wipes available in my bathroom for family and guests. Totally worth the money!

The whole family loves these, but they are especially great for kids!

love having these on hand.

These are great for pretty much anywhere you need a moist wipe, such as the bathroom, the car, traveling, etc. I mostly keep them in my bathrooms , I have two. I usually buy in bulk because they run out FAST special in the time of the month we ladies get our PMS, I have 4 teenage girls so you can imagine all the wipes used.

I keep a box in both bathrooms. Keeps you fresh!

A staple in our home since it began to be sold. Sometimes a little pricey but regular coupon offerings are made by the company.

these are my number one wipes i use when im babysitting

I buy these occasionally especially when there is a sale or coupon. It great to have because they work much better than toilet paper. Its great to have especially with young kids.

These are always in my bathroom, and the whole family has a use for them.

I love these wipes so much. They have a fresh smell & are so gentle on the behind. I carry a purse sized package in my purse so that I can use them away from home.