Dole  Mixed Fruit 100% Fruit Juice

Dole Mixed Fruit 100% Fruit Juice

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Delicious fruit for on the go! Great for mom or little babe for a portable and nutritious snack!

I really enjoyed the convenience of the fruit however I feel that it's a little too sweet.

I really like these fruit cups. When my husband and decided we needed to eat healthier, this is one of our go-to staples. He has to lower his cholesterol and lose weight. I'm pregnant and trying to eat better all-around. Dole has a few varieties. They've got different types of liquid that the fruit is in. I go for the fruit juice every time. Each cup has 1 gram or a little less than 1 gram of fiber. Fiber is what your body needs to regulate itself. Instead of taking pills and other medications -if you can help it- just eat more fruit. We each take at least a fruit cup to work to eat with lunch or an afternoon snack in place of that empty-calorie bag of chips. If we get busy and forget to eat it, or that's not what we felt like eating, it doesn't get bruised, like say an apple. My husband is always up for one of these. He likes them chilled. He's doing better on this diet and is happy to do it! I gave it a 4-star rating, only because I think everything could use improvement. That's just my way of looking at things. My 4-star may be your 5-star.

My son love these snack cups. I have to purchase a lot of them. He goes through 5 to 6 packs a week.

Great and healthy lunch snack.

My daughters favorite snack everytime added in our shopping list.Taste really good.

fresh, juicy and convenient Dole mixed fruit cups are fresh, juicy and convenient for snacks or lunches on the go.

Great for on the go. My daughter loves these. I will even eat them.

I am so loving Dole for coming out with these! I love that they are 100% juice not all the sugar that is in so many. They definitely cost more but in my opinion it is worth it. My kids love them and the juice too, I have no problem with them eating it all. Thank you Dole for helping us fight the sugar battle!

These are great and I especially love the juice rather than gel or anything else.

My kids all love these! They're the perfect amount for a quick healthy snack! Easy for their little fingers to pick up. Small enough to pack in the diaper bag for a snack on the go.

My daughter's favorite fruit brand is Dole and she especially loves the fruit cups because their easy for her to take in her lunchbox or as a snack at school. We love the mixed fruit cups and peaches.

These are great for snack or lunch. I like to take them to work and keep a few there in case I need a little snack or an addition to my lunch.

I love these little fruit cups great to have around for a handy healthy snack

My boyfriend can not get enough of this. He even packs them to work as a snack! great for kids too.