Kiwi Fresh'Ins Ultra Thin Shoe Inserts

Kiwi Fresh'Ins Ultra Thin Shoe Inserts

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Once upon a time I lived in high heeled shoes. I rarely wore flats. I've recently become "Mommied" and throughout my pregnancy I LIVED in flats. First off, I am not the knee high wearing sort. I have tried every "no show" sock on the market and hated every one. They fit oddly and are not comfy. From my experience there is no such thing as a "no show sock" . IF you know of one, please share! Those darned things peek out of every flat I own. To me it's as annoying as panty lines. Or even worse: a peek-a-boo thong. Even WORSE than that: the visible muffin top over hang or "plumbers show" from ill fitted low rise jeans. Yes, I dislike "no show" socks that "show" quite a bit! What I hate even more than the "no show"-show is going barefoot in a shoe. It grosses me out. I stumbled upon the best invention EVER. This was my "must have" discovery that made my flat wearing tolerable: Kiwi Fresh Ins Ultra Thin Shoe Inserts. They are super thin and lightly fragranced (but not obnoxiously so). You just slip them into your flats, use them for a bit, and then throw them out. Just replace when necessary. The package recommends up to 5 days depending on usage. No fuss, no muss, no sweaty feet feeling. It's barefoot, but NOT.