Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

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The Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque is a great conditioner leaving my hair soft, manageable with less breakage. However, I do have a bit of trouble using the container which is a little awkward to use in the shower or elsewhere. When you are washing your hair your hands tend to be slippery and I have small hands which makes the top a little difficult to get back on. Not to mention portion control. I open the container and stick my hand/fingers in and get a little bit to massage through my hair. I will spend the extra money for a great product but not being able to control portions like a squeeze bottle would stop me from buying it. I would still recommend the product just not the container.

I used to really like Biolage products. Since I started using products that contain aragon oil nothing seems as good. Not a fan of biolage or this product. I tend to have really dry hair and need a serious conditioner. This one just doesn't do it.

This product was a bit to heavy for my hair, but the smell was wonderful. Left my hair silky smooth but a bit weighed down. I can only use maybe once every week to two weeks for optimal results with my hair.

This does amazing things to my hair--wish I could use it every day!

This product is great. I made my hair feel so smooth. I, too, really like the smell.

The masque was great! I really loved the smell, and it made my hair softer than any conditioner ever has. The only problem that I had was that I do not like the container it comes in. When I shower, I prefer squeeze bottles, as the screw top one slipped in my hands a bit. I would certainly buy this product again.

My hair is long, wavy, thick and dry. I sometimes use this masque instead of regular conditioner. I can't say it leaves my hair frizz free, but it does calm my hair down and evens out my waves. I would recommend leaving it on longer than 3-5 minutes if your hair is very long and/or dry.

I think the shampoo and masque smell great. My hair does get a little less greasy and holds my curls well for a few days, though I wish I could say I've noticed a huge difference in hair since I've tried it.

This is a great product, especially if you have dry hair and shampoo daily or often. I have dry, curly hair and have been using it every other day. It's helped to keep my hair moisturized, reduced frizz and kept it smelling great.

i absolutely love this stuff!!! it smells fabulous and leaves my hair so soft and manageable without weighing it down. works great in humid weather too, keeps the frizz under control.

I love it! It didn't weigh my hair down or too soft! I have fine hair so I was thrilled to have this product to try!

I absolutely love this product. It makes my natural hair beautiful, keep my frizz away.

The masque was not too sticky and rinsed out quickly. I loved the scent but I will have to try it more in the coming months to see how it helps my hair in the long-term.

Awesome! made my hair soft

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111