Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips

Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips

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These are great for a quick mint fix. I keep a pack in my desk, one in my bag, one in the car. A little pricey, but great for a breath emergency.

I always have some of these in my purse. They work much better then a breath mint. I don't like to suck on hard candy I just tend to eat them right away and so I like the breath strips much better.

Yes, yes, yes. I have a habit of biting my tongue when I chew gum, (overbite) and I eat mints too fast. So these work perfectly. They are a much better option. And they kill bad breath more effectively.

I love these so much cause the package us small and can fit just about anywhere. Just pop one in your mouth and let it dissolve. It doesn't taste bad and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh plus no messy gum to spit out.

I have been using these for years. They are an instant refresher. Yes they're strong, but that is what I look for in a mint. I keep them in my car and in all my purses.

I have always used Listerine products and highly praised them. Recently, with a bad cold with nasal congestion, I reached for an Artic Burst Breath Strip and did the job. When I wake up during the night with drainage, I now reach for a Breath Strip, lay it on my tongue and am back to sleep in minutes with no worries of choking. It freshens my breath BUT also breaks up the drainage plus kills the germs forming overnight. So glad I tried these.

Best! its quick! and it really works like its mouthwash counterpart!

I forgot how awesome these are! I received a sample through Crowdtap and I would never go without them. SO MUCH BETTER than gum and mints and they are sugar-free! They freshen your breath for a good hour or three depending on what you eat or drink. I get so many compliments and my mouth feels instantly rejuvenated. Sometimes I use them in the morning on my commute to wake myself up. I love these!

They really work! Powerful mint. So not recommend for children because it is very strong. Will freshen breath after any meal if you cannot brush teeth immediately. I highly recommend.

Very strong and great! Gives you a boost of freshness

I am a big mint person, I always have to have gum or mints on hand. The taste of these are great and not too overpowering like most of their products. Small and compact so easy to slip into a wristlet or clutch!

These are perfect for a quick mouth pick me up. They fit into the diaper bag, and because they don't look like candy I don't have to explain to the kids why they can't have one. And there's also no risk of accidentally spitting it out if I go to talk to someone.

Love! They taste great, freshen breath, pick you up a little, and it's fun feeling them dissolve on your tongue! I chose "PocketPaks," over all other breath-refreshing products!

A great and convenient way to freshen your breath discreetly before going into work, an interview, or first date.

SO much better than a breath mint! If you haven't tried, you must!