Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips

Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips

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Gross! I would rather just brush my teeth.

These earn a point for convenience but the taste is so overwhelming it makes my mouth feel as if it's burning - just as easy to pop a minty piece of gum in your mouth for the same results.

Quick for freshening I have definitely had these before, usually a friend my have it. I like that it will freshen your breathe quickly, but it can sometimes be a little harsh when you first put it on your tongue.

I love these I always keep them on me they are good on the go after u eat or whatever

This work well in a pinch but I would rather eat a mint. These are just a little to strong for me

These definitely do the job. They burn my tongue though!

I've been using these for years! The package is so small it can fit anywhere. The mint taste is strong, but I love mint. I always pop one in before a goodnight kiss.

Makes my breath smells fresh all the time. Package fits in my bag. The mint taste is so overwhelming but its finr with me. I love it.

I discovered these when struggling with bad breath from constant tonsilitis, and even after tonsil removal surgery, I've stuck with Listerine pocket products. They eliminate bad breath germs, leaving your mouth tasting minty, without sugar, so the freshness lasts. The only complaint I have about these is that they can be too strong, so I ripped them in half. Now, I use the Listerine pocket spray instead.

These are really strong mints, and they will freshen your breath. However, they're so strong that when you eat one, everyone around you will know because they can smell it, too

Super strong tasting - make my eyes water, but leave me with nice fresh breath.

These are great. They make your breath smell good fast but they are pretty hot to me at least so it's not fun when you first put them in but I still like then overall

Refreshing clean feel. Dissolves quickly. But still prefer gum or mints that are long lasting.

If you are accustomed to Listerine mouthwash, you will probably love these. Just keep in mind that they do "bite" a little if you're not used to mouthwash products or have a sensitive mouth. The strips are an excellent solution to that garlic-y lunch or morning coffee breath that last a decent amount of time. The packaging is really ingenious, too, because it fits inobstrusively in a purse, pocket or drawer for easy access.

These are pretty cool but hard to find now.