ThermaCare HeatWraps

ThermaCare HeatWraps

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Recommend these over the sticky ones! LOVE these - gives great heat to where you need it (usually the back) and it doesn't have that menthol scent; nor is it one of those sticky things that hurt like crazy to take off!

Takes the ache away I used to have terrible, terrible menstrual cramps (no longer, thankfully). Because I didn't want to overdose on OTC pain meds, there was only so much that ibuprofen could do. Using one of these wraps helped a good deal with relaxing my uterine and lower back muscles so I could wait for the pills to kick in without screaming. Thank goodness for the tried and true heat therapy.

I've used these many times for lower back pain. They keep my muscles warm, which relieves the pain. I still use them as needed.

I use the me steal version of these for cramps and I can tell you, they are a lifesaver. Sometimes they are the only thing that allows me to get out of bed.

We have used this product. My husband is a runner. He is thinks it works great for a quick fix.

These wrap are awesome I buy them for bachaches and for neck great for on the go

These wraps work really well and work nice if you are on the go! Slightly costly,but they do do the trick!

I love these. They work great for cramps and back pain. Last pretty long and are decently priced

So good, I really love this wraps. They are great for at work when you can't lay on the couch with a heating pad. The only reason I'm not 5 staring them is the adhesive is not the greatest. I would tie them on with a long scarf or something. Still, great product to have around when you need it!

When I have over done it working outside and my back and hips go to hurting. I use these. Yes I use these on my hips too. Kinda weird I know, but they truly work!

I like it but it only worked for a short time

These work nice for short-term relief, but definitely don't last long.

I love using these after a long day at work

Didn't work that well.

This product is a bit pricey considering you don't get very many in a pack but they are effective and convenient. They almost get too hot but a thin sheet or towel between your skin and the wrap can help with that.