Maybelline  SuperStay 24 Lipcolor

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lipcolor

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I've never really been a big fan of liquid lip color, I've always preferred a stick, a gloss or a balm. This 2-in-1 lip color comes with it's own balm, so I was willing to give it a chance and now I am hooked. I have never had a lip color last as long as this one, especially "Keep Up The Flame". Red just doesn't like to stay on my lips. The steps are super easy, and don't take much time or skill, so these are easily an every day staple. The color is a tad sticky while you wait for it to dry, so try to keep your lips parted. Once the balm is on, they will feel soft and smooth. My lips did feel a bit dry throughout the day, but reapplying the balm fixed that issue. I am extremely happy with this lipcolor and will be grabbing some more shades in the future!

Improved technology I wore this lip color for six hours. It lasted through dinner, dessert, drinks and teeth-brushing and showed no sign of wearing off. It was somewhat drying to my lips so I reapplied the balm a few times. This lip color clings so well to the lip that I had to use coconut oil to remove it before bed. It would have lasted many more hours had I not taken it off. I tried this lip color several years ago when it first hit the market and feel that the formula has improved since then. It covers more evenly, adheres to the lip better and is not as drying as before. My lips have had a tendency to be dry lately so your results may vary from mine. I received two free @Maybelline #superstay24 long wear lip colors for review purposes but my opinions are my own.

I really wish I had received this in a different colour. I got this in Keep Up the Flame for free to test out and review, and while it is long lasting (it mostly lasted through from about 9 in the morning to shortly past 2 in the afternoon), it didn't last all day; it was gone by 6 pm. It didn't feel clumpy or dry my lips out or anything, but because it came in such a vivid colour, I didn't apply a thick layer or anything at all (I HATE bright red lipstick), so as it was wearing, you could see it in the cracks of my lips. Had I received a more neutral colour, I would have applied more and I'm sure had had a better experience. Does its job, but it's not for me.

No way. It stays but it also flakes. With all the, " Staying power. " This Claims to have. Look at your dried out lips after a few hours. Yuck.

This isn't a bad product, but I should have swatched before I purchased. I picked up Blush On and when I came home realized it was a very Barbie sparkle pink, which just doesn't do anything good for me. Other than that, it didn't seem sticky or drying to me, although I don't like the balm side, it just felt sort of weird and uncomfortable on my lips.

Made my eyes feel heavy and clumpy. Did not like this. Maybe I should try it again someday.

I love this product! I use to work at ulta, and when this came it I was super excited. It stays on for the whole day. The only thing is that it makes me dry. It's probably because I don't drink enough water like I should. So if you have large lips and don't hydrate yourself. Always drink half of your body weight in oz. It really does help along with coconut oil as an overnight hydrate product. I bought a jar just for beauty.

I hate this product it make my lips super dry :( am sorry this product just didn't work out for me

I love this! The only necessary improvement would be color options, there are only a few. I love how long these last and I only notice real wear if I am eating something greasy. I can definitely make these last all day which is perfect for long days of classes followed by work!

This stuff really works. Have been using it for years.

hats off maybelline for another great product. Does not bleed or discolor lips, works great and VERY long lasting. LOVE the variety of colors!

Lasts all day and comes in lots of really great colors. Great buy

I have tried a lot of lipsticks that claim to last and always find them to cake or transfer. I am quite pleased with Maybelline's SuperStay 24's promise, while it does not appear to last 24 hours for me, it does last a long time and the colors do not cake or crumble. Let the color dry then apply the moisturizing top coat balm. My two favorites colors are Timeless Rose and Wear On Wildberry.

This is the best long lasting lip color I ever used. If you appy as directed...wait for color to dry before using balm. It will actually last thru an entire work day. Plenty of colors to choose from & very convenient with the color & balm being in the same tube. My Mom always told me don't go out in public without your lipstick on. This product makes it very easy to have color on your lips all day long...Mom would be proud :)

I love lip colors in general, but I haven't tried any of the latest products on the market. I have normally have a slight problem with feathering at the edge of my lip line. The Super Stay Maybelline lip color helped to prevent this! I would normally just remove my regular lip color and reapply as needed. With this product I no longer have to do this. I apply the long-lasting base coat in the morning, let dry then apply the moisturizing top coat balm. I only had to refresh the top coat balm after eating to keep my lip color looking great all day. The Maybelline Super Stay 24 will last all day and way into the evening before I noticed a fading in the color. I normally have dry chapped lips so some lip color tends to make that matter worse, however this did not. Over all I am pleased with this product and will be purchasing more in the near future. PROS: color lasts, was not drying, easy to use and I loved the fact my coffee cup did not have a colorful lip color ring around the edge! CONS: I didn't really see any. How ever if the name is to imply it last for 24 hours. I really didn't see that. Around 12-14 hours. (But really who needs lip color while they sleep). Here's why you will love it No crumbling, caking, no fading, no feathering and no transferring 2-step lip color in one pack Micro-Flex formula glides on and looks gorgeous all day. 30 vibrant, runway-inspired colors, divide into four shade families: Reds, Plums, Pinks and Naturals Lasts throughout your non-stop 24 hour day. All-day color in just two steps: Long lasting base coat and Moisturizing top coat balm. Found in most drug and big box stores like (Target and Wal-mart) with a suggested retail value of $9.99 "For best results you will need to apply the liquid color to your clean, bare lips. Allow a full two minutes to dry, then apply ultra-conditioning lip balm to seal in softness. Reapply lipbalm as needed. Remove with an oil-based makeup remover."