L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara

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I have had the opportunity to test the One Sweep Eye Shadow and the Double Extend Eye Illuminator over the past few weeks. This was my first experience using the L'Oreal mascara. When I search for a new mascara I normally look for one that will not clump on my lashes. Will stay on my lashes and not under my eyes as the day wears on. Also one that will make my thin lashes look nice. Well I have to say this mascara did all of those things. As an added bonus it was easy to remove. No build up from the day before. The name "Double Extend Illuminator Mascara" should lead you to think there is more, ah there is. On one end (step one) of the wand is the color you would normally wear. Then an added bonus (step two) color to complement your eye color on the opposite end. My base coat has a black mascara base coat-with a hint of color to intensify lashes. The bronze top coat is infused with light-reflecting pearls to enhance your natural eye color. Which mine are Green-Hazel. Over all I really like the L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara.

Mascara its self is ok. The primer is phenomenal makes your lashes look fake!