SAMY Fat Hair '0 Calories' Thickening Products

SAMY Fat Hair '0 Calories' Thickening Products

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I was very disappointed by this product. It has a cheap quality and not worth spending any money on it.

I actually didn't like it. I was speccing for volume and control of frizz, didn't get that. My hair is really thin so I was hopping it would improve that and the length of my hair.I waited for few weeks. nothing happened. My hair still the same

I am sold. Their official name is ?Fat Hair ?0? Calories? Thickening Products, and I must say, they are fantastical! I L.O.V.E. my new 0 calorie diet! My hair which is usually full of static, limp and lifeless has a brand new appeal. The static is GONE which is a miracle in itself. My hair has bounce that it did not have before and I have high hopes that once I use the shampoo and products longer that it could actually give me the volume I need. The downfalls I have found so far are that my super soft hair is gone. I used to have smooth as silk hair. My hair is still soft but not as silky which is probably a good thing because it was always going flat. I have also noticed it gets tangled easier. In fact, when I washed my hair with the shampoo it actually tangled in the shower. I have a feeling that a bottle of the condition would fix that issue? if only I could find somewhere that has it in stock. So, basically if you have limp, thin and lifeless hair the ?O Calorie? hair diet is the way to go! And at $9 a bottle it's much more cost efficient than most products.

I use thickening mists for my hair because the longer it grows, the heavier it gets and it looks plastered to my head. I like volume. I received a sample of Fat Hair Amplifying Mist direct from Hoyu America. It's an advanced repair formula for volume, body, repair, and shine. I spray it on damp hair, blow dry with my head turned over, then flip and spray to get my volume. I would not pay the price to buy this myself as there are cheaper, equal alternatives, but this product gives the volume I desire.

I highly recommend this product I love how it make my hair feel and it stay on all day.