CeraVe CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

CeraVe CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Good stuff, but only good, not great. It doesn't foam up, so don't expect that rich lather you get from other cleansers. It is very gentle and didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

I liked the foaming cleanser as a gentle cleanser (I use the AM and PM moisturizers too which I also love) But prefer the moisturizing cleanser. The price is right and it doesn't take much. One bottle lasts me months and months. My dermatologist recommended it and I won't use anything else anymore.

Great For Sensitive Skin This is a nice cleanser if you have sensitive skin. It wont remove makeup, I tried. But for the days your face is bare it is a nice cleanser to use. The formula is thick and lathers well so just use a dime size. My skin feels like there is a film after rinsing but that goes away. My face does not feel tight or dry after use. Even my young daughter uses it without any irritation.

The texture at first is somewhat odd. Probably my only complaint. But, it is gentle on your face, and has worked to clear up some of my acne. I use Cerave at night, right after my shower, and before I go to bed. It doesn't cause redness or any irritation like some of the stronger cleansers. I will continue to use this product for a while.

I received this free in the mail. It was a nice cleanser. It didn't break me out. It make my skin soft and blemish free. The only negative is the price.

Have been using this after recommendation from my dermatologist. the best gear to go in winter leaving skin super soft with no dryness.

I have very sensative skin, I have been to 3 dermatologists and each have told me different things to use except for this last doctor she told me to use CeraVe Cleanser and boy what a miracle this stuff is, I had never heard of it before but I surely am glad I have now, my face feels smooth and soft and has not broken out in a few months since I began using it, I also have roscea and it has calmed my cheeks down tremendously, so if you have sensitive skin or even want a great face wash then this is the best product I have found and believe me I have bought tons I probably have spent over 500.00 in face washes in the last 6mths. but this one is fairly inexpensive also it's about 11.99 and you can get it at Walgreens, CVS, Target I haven't seen it at grocery stores but I am sure some have it, so go out and give this a try I guarantee you will love it.

Perfect for all skins types Top skin cleanser for all skin types including individuals with dermatitis or eczema of the face! Non irritating and hydrating cleanser

Heaven Sent!!!!! I use a doctor prescribed face cream and I did not want to use anything harsh to cleanse my face. All other products I tried had unnecessary products in it that caused irritation and dryness. I needed something that did not remove the protective barrier of my skin and this product was the winner. It really cleanses the skin well but leaves the protective barrier alone.

Even For Skin Lupus! Ok, I just think it is only fair to say I am trying many products so I switch quite a bit between them. I have to be honest and tell you that THIS is my reach for. I am loving this one over quite a few high ends as well. I will also be reviewing this one on youtube too .I have to give this 5 plus 5 stars! I highly recommend this for people who have the skin Lupus issues!

I'm a huge fan of CeraVe. The products work and are affordable. A good cleanser.

I used this face cleanser and my skin felt clean soft and refresh you should try it

Started using this about 6 months ago and love it! My completion is so much clearer and smoother! I use this along with the CerVe moisturizer and my skin has never looked better!

My absolute favorite brand for cleansers and moisturizers! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Works great, no complaints!

I love this stuff. So good for all skin types! dosent irritate the skin one bit