Rockin' Green  Cloth Diaper Detergent

Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

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Smells Amazing - But Not Budget Friendly I LOVE Rockin' Green Detergents! What I don't love is the price point for the smaller volume packaging. We have cloth diapered since 2011 (three kiddos) and I only discovered Rockin' Green in 2014 with our 2nd son. It was love at first wash! I felt like it really cleaned our cloth well, but during the time I was transitioning to this detergent, I had a bit of a learning curve. I was hopeful that it was more concentrated and with the same amount of detergent it would clean our diapers well. However; I found I had to use a bit more for our loads and thus we would run through the small bags in less time. So, overall the cost of the detergent was becoming a consideration. I have tried all of the handful of scents they come in and appreciate that while they smell amazing, they are not harsh or overpowering like the majority of the scented detergents on the market. They scent options are also unlike other detergents (you know, like all the floral and powdery scents?!) which is a breath of fresh air since I'm not a fan of the typical detergent fragrances. Rockin' Green is an overall great detergent... however' it's not within an economical budget to use for all laundry all the time. It's best to stick to Rockin' Green for your workout apparel and cloth diapers... or even baby items.

For the price it is not worth it. My cloth diapers never come completely clean .


This detergent seemed to work well on my diapers when we lived south and had soft water, but now that we have hard water, my daughter got an awful rash and we had to strip them.

I wanted to love rockin green hard rock but it did not help us with washing our cloth diapers at all! It left my diapers stinky all the time and had to strip diapers wayy to much. We have hard water soI I got the hard rock but didn't help at all. Maybe it is because we have hard water but I wont use it again. I have been using the rest on other clothes though.

Use on my Cloth diapers! Love this!

I have only tried the samples of this so I can't review as far as long term use is concerned - the scents are wonderful though and it is great to be able to choose the formula according to soft, regular or hard water.

Yuck,talk about a detergent that has great marketing but really truly stinks! This detergent should NEVER be used for cloth diapers,it leaves a residue! If you want your diapers to get residue buildup, start stinking like ammonia,and have to be constantly stripped or thrown out,use this.

I used the watermelon scent which smelled awful and didn't seem to clean all that well

This is a great cloth diaper detergent. It's also great for people with sensitive skin and people who want a healthier option for the planet. It has a light scent, but it's really just there for you to smell, as it's a faint light scent and will wash out of the clothes. It's not meant to last on the clothes or diapers. It's also great for soaking diapers in if you get a case of the stinkies! The price is also comparable to other typical store bought detergents. Great deal!!

As a new mom I want the best for my baby and decided to venture into cloth diapering, but feared the work and honestly the mess that come with it. Rockin' Green Detergent was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say that I love this product! Our diapers come out so soft each cycle and are still as white as the day we bought them. I've had no ammonia smell that seems to be a complaint by others that cloth diaper. Rockin' Green comes in lots of great scents and also has a special formula for Soft Water, Ammonia bouncer, pail freshners and more! They know what they're doing when it comes to cleaning and taking care of cloth diapers! I never imagined it would be this easy and I'm so glad we went this route! The scent we chose is Motley Crew, but have previously sampled Rage Against the Raspberries and enjoyed that as well. I am allergic to several soap bi-products and my son has very sensitive skin and we have had zero issues with this detergent. Very highly recommend this product!