Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

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Leads to a Delicious kid friendly lunch. My son saw this the other day when grocery shopping and asked if we could purchase it for his lunch. So once we got home I fixed it and he loved the taste and has asked for it again. I also tasted it and wouldn't mind purchasing it for my own lunch.

Doesn't taste like real food My daughter did not like this so I tried it. It doesn't taste like real food at all.

Not a choice for us again. Unfortunately my little ones did not like this product. I thought they were having one of those days until i tasted it. The flavor was not very good at all. The noodles had a very odd texture to them.

meh ok Two of my kids will eat this but I don't like how bad it is for you and still costley for what you are getting...I would rather buy canned versions...

Not Bad For what this is, its good! Don't always like to eat or feed the kids, processed food. But, I will have to say Hormel does taste the best when doing so!

Nope, gross No, just no. The taste is gross even my niece who is the least picky eater didn't like them. It is better to just go with chef boyardee because at least it is bearable.

if i could give this a 0 stars i would!!! im not one to speak bad about anything but these are so bad for kids number one number 2 they tast sooooo bad my dog would not even eat them. thats saying something

My kids and grandkids give a thumbs up!! These are easy to heat up in a hurry when they are really hungry!

My children did not like it at all. They said it tasted nasty. The price is decent and it's a quick meal. I still have a few left over. I'm going to try to spruce them up with some extra seasonings. Hopefully it will taste better and not end up being a waste of money.

I love this little meal. My niece enjoys eating this after school. Its her littkr routine to come home to have this.

It was very easy to prepare dinner for the kids, would seem to be healthy, but they did not like the taste.

Easy to prepare dinner for those busy nights. Healthy and wholesome but according to my son asked flavor.

Very bland my niece hates it. She loves spaghetti but when I gave her this she refused to eat it.

I was not impressed by the flavor profile and either were my children! Threw it away after a couple bites!

Love the meatballs. Instant dinner on days when you don't want to cook!