Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausage

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It turns out the four cheeses are Mozzarella, Romano, Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese, and they were all good! It's hard to say for sure, but this might have been my favorite of the johnsonville sausage lineup!

This is just the best sausage I have had!! Wonderful taste we all love it! I am excited to try the new chicken sausage that is coming out this month!

I made an amazing sausage and pasta bake on saturday night. the sausage cooked up on the stove so well and truly made the dish.

I made these this evening and they were really good! I have never had this variety and my whole family loved them. They have a great cheese flavor, but it's not overdone. We put them on the grill and served them on a bun. I actually think that this is my favorite of all the Johnsonville Italian varieties!

Perfect amount of cheese in these sausages! We had them over pasta for dinner, quick and easy to make and tastes great! I had never heard of the Four Cheese Variety before this- Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!!

I used the four cheese Italian sausage tonight with a package of black beans and rice. What a delicious and easy supper. Thank you for the coupon! I'll buy that Italian sausage again!

Great tasting. It didn't shrink. My kids LOVED it. I hadn't tried the cheese kind before and so glad I did

I used my coupon to purchase the Four Cheese Italian Sausage, which my family and I had never tried. I prepared it as directed on the package and sliced it into small rounds before tossing it with penne and marinara sauce. It was a big hit with my husband kids and myself. I will definately purchase this product again, and recommend it to my friends and family.

We used this in omelets and it was amazing!!! Left overs were just as was a huge hit and I'm sure it'll be a new family favorite upon request!

Amazing sausage, had no idea that they made one with cheese in it. Family loved it, mixed with angel hair pasta, some olive oil and bell peppers/onions/mushrooms. Was great... Can't wait to make again.

Ummmm......... There is nothing like good old fashion meat and cheese. The whole family loves it. The kids want seconds. Johnsonville sausage is going to become a permanate fixture in our deep freeze!

my family enjoyed the meal that i made with the Johnsonville Italian sausage i cooked it with rice and loved the flaver.

We loved this! I made spaghetti noodles, sliced them up and sauteed them with an onion and some garlic, added pureed tomatoes and some fresh oregano. My family could not stop eating it and the sausage just made it so delicious. I have never tried their flavored sausages. Delicious! Only complaint is the MSG in them.

Love love LOVE these sausages..I've never bought them before but to try so why not..SO glad I did. SO much better than the store brand Italian sausages I was buying. I used the sweet ones and fried them up in a pan with some peppers and onions and were delish! I used the cheese ones and boiled them then cut them up and baked them in the oven with some rigatoni, sauce and LOTS of extra mozzerella cheese..omg amazing. Will totally be buying these from now on. GREAT product!!

These are great, I made the italian with Spagetti and sauce, it was delious, thank you for copons, I will buy it now for my family mmmmm...