Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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Love ?Em I love this sausage. You can cook it with almost any meal. My favorite thing to cook it with is fresh peppers.

Great for the Grill to I just grilled up some of these last weekend. It was a hit, but the kids said to hot. I swell up with a lot of foods and this was great. I could enjoy the burst of flavor, though I like super spicy hot. Yummy.

Trust an italian I'm Italian and let's make it clear, it's hard for me to find a proper sausage outside Italy but I gotta say that all Johnson Italian style are quite good! I adore the note of fennel seeds and when I make rag¨, I always add to the ground beef a couple of sausage peeled off the skin. Yummy!

Quality Brand Sausages I love the Johnsonville sausage, but I do not buy hot. I trust the brand and it is a go to winter meal when I don't want to cook. I prefer sweet to spicy.

love the johnsonville i love these they allways have awsum flavor and i like the spices johsonville is the best

The Best from the Best Johnsonville Hot Sausage is the ultimate!!! I'm not usually a big "spicy food" fan, but I absolutely love the heat in their hot sausage. Just the right amount and absolutely perfect.

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage are Awesome Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage are Awesome. My hunny bunny loves when I make this for dinner. We love Johnsonville Sausages. Just got a deal on a Pellet grill, so I see more Johnsonville Sausages in our future.

Italian heroes at home The johnsonville sausage is really great italian sausage. I tried it as heroes with peppers and onions and it was fantastic. No hard fat or lots of grease as you can get with sausage. Crisp and delicious

Delicious Sausages I must say I was quite surprised when I ate this Johnsonville Sausage. It was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I made it with peppers and onions and then just with a salad. Excellent!!! I will buy them again!

Johnsonville is always a winner. I love the spiciness of these brats- they go great with a strong mustard.

Best sausage ever. Great to eat alone, on a bun, in pasta, or as part of a recipe. I always keep an extra package in the freezer for quick meals

Just the best! I love Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage Links! I like that it has a little kick to it but nothing strong. When I make any dish that you can use sausage in it, I will use Johnsonville italian sausage instead. These are great all on their own as well.

Great to create new recipies The flavor is great, I use it in different recipies, and all came out great, it is no to salted, no to greasy is a fantastic help in the kitchen I created many ways to use it and my family love it in any combination

This taste so good. Love making thwm with aweet pepers and onions yummy

My husband is from TX and loves anything with sausage. These are great with pasta and have a nice kick.