Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam

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Convenient option Clairol Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam is a convenient option for clients seeking easy home hair coloring solutions with natural results. However, professional hairstylists might find that it lacks the versatility and long-lasting vibrancy associated with salon-grade products. The choice to use it depends on the client's needs and preferences.

Best box coloring I've used so far!

I've read so many negative reviews about this product but must disagree with them. I find it so easy to use and way easier to get overall coverage than with the non foams. I use shade number 9 and get complete gray coverage. I think Clairol may have discontinued it and am very disappointed.

wish this would foam better and work as well as original nice and easy color. doesn't work well on my stubborn grey

I have tried fantastic colour foams, with wonderful color payoff and overall great results, HOWEVER, this is definitely not one of those. This color was awful, streaky, and hard to apply. The products smelled the worst of any have ever used (including multiple color removers). I was so disappointed with the results, I e-mailed the company about it in the hopes that they would re-work the formula.

Ladies, it may seem easier, but I promise this foam is not worth the streaky results. I liken them to cat stripes. If you miss a spot or work too slowly or use a clip to section your hair you can get really patchy results. I'd stick with Nice N. Easy original and make sure you hair is well saturated by giving it a good comb-through at the end. Liquid and cream hair color is messier but delivers far more consistent results!

I thought this stuff was a messy drippy stinky mess! I don't understand why it's getting rave reviews everywhere. It actually had good gray/white coverage but it was so unpleasant to use I wouldn't buy it again. My first foam hair color experience was with John Frieda and it was wonderful! I love foam hair dye but not this one!

I really do love the foam and the comb that comes with it. It makes dying your hair so much easier. You can also find coupons quite often in the local paper to save a dollar or two and sometimes they even have promotions on the websites or within the boxes. The only reason I did not give this a five star rating is because I have not yet found a good permanent dye that doesn't fade after two weeks. My hasn't been holding color very well and I find that every time I try to dye it dark brown, after about 2 weeks it has almost completely washed out and has faded to almost a dark blonde. I actually used their dark ash brown and it is now a dark ash blonde with some lighter flecks here and there. It just keeps getting lighter...

I really like Ckairol color foam. Very very easy to use. Fast application. Most of all GREAT COLOR. I was a natural redhead until grays appeared. I use 6b and the color came out great. Lots of compliments,great price, its my new hair color.

This was the worst. The smell is over powering, it does drip (even though they say it doesn't so I now have stains on my counter and bath rug) and it washed out within 2 weeks. I won't use this again.

As a licensed cosmetologist (for more than 20 years), I have steered clear of over the counter hair color products, until I was introduced to this product! My girlfriend got a coupon for a free one and wanted me to try it on her. I was reluctant because her hair is very dark and curly and coarse with stubborn gray but she insisted. I was more than pleasantly surprised! It processed very quickly, it covered her grays beautifully and left her hair very soft and manageable. It lasted through many more washes than I would have expected. We will continue to use this for her, and I will even try it on myself for my next tough up.

Not a good dye to buy. I use this companies perfect 10 brand and love it. I got the coupon to try this out and am so glad I did not waste my money on it. The foam gets everywhere but on your hair. As other people have said, it burns your head, you have to scrub fiercly to get it off your scalp in the shower, otherwise it looks like you put permanent marker on your head. It didn't dye all my hair even though I thoroughly saturated my hair as it instructed. My boyfriend now takes joy in pointing out how half of my hair is lighter than the rest. Would not recommend this product to anyone

I have been using Nice'n Easy for almost 40 years but no more. I won't ever even use Clairol again. This was the worst stuff ever!!!!!!! The smell - there aren't enough words to describe. Even with fans I thought I would pass out. I can attest to the terrible drippy inconsistent foam. It didn't reach my roots but it did seem to do a good job of burning my scalp. I also have arthritic hands. I didn't realize how hard I would have to squeeze the bottle. Since the bottle has to be upright, I couldn't even use my feet on the floor. There is also less product than with regular nicen easy and since the bottle has to be upright to squeeze you really don't use all of it without taking the top off. Since there was less product, my hair would not pile on top of my head as usual. I got stains on my arms, shoulders and back. I was taking a trip and had to scrub like mad to lighten them. Leave yourself enough time to wash this out, get to the store and buy another product to do it over again. As I said, I have been coloring my hair for almost 40 years and this was the worst ever!!!! Do not buy this product.

I purchased the Med. Reddish Brown with a freeby coupon I received in the mail. I really liked the color however I only gave it a "3" star because it advertises that it's drip free and it isn't. You have to continue to shake the container vigerously after each pump into your hand to have it foam up. And if you don't do this it comes very watery and drips over everything. I was a real mess to get enough color on my hair, and have very short hair. The only way I would buy this again is if I received another freeby coupon.

I went with Medium Brown #6. First off, I have to say the smell is horrible, my eyes watered and the whole bathroom smelled like ammonia. In order to pump out the foam you have to tilt the bottle and place foam directly in your hand. The product was a bit watery and I wondered if the foam actually had coloring capabilities since it looked like all the liquid was on the bottom. The product does drip?just ask the t-shirt I was wearing. The color is OK?nothing spectacular. Would I buy it again?I don't think so. I think I will stay with Revlon Colorsilk which is about $3.99 and never fails me'the Clairol Nice and Easy is $10.99, a huge price difference but you get nothing extra for the higher price.