Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant Lavender

Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant Lavender

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First Dive Into Natural Deodorants This is my first venture into the natural deodorant arena and I would say its overall been positive. The deodorant keeps you fresh, but it does not keep you dry (which was to be expected). Overall, I would def recommend.

Calendula is the best! I have been using deodorant rather than antiperspirant since my grandmother had a radical double mastectomy. Her Dr attributes antiperspirant to the rise in breast cancer. I like Tom's of Maine products in general. I would say that the lavender scent is my least favorite fragrance in the deodorant options. Calendula being my favorite.

I was all over this cause it's made with all natural ingredients and I am all for that. It works great, all I can smell throughout the day is the awesome smelling deodorant. However by week 3 my armpits started getting rashes and they burned like crazy. I am disappointed to say that I had to switch back to what I was using and took a few days for the burning to finally go away. I'm giving this product 3 stars because it really does work even if I did find out I can't handle it, and other friends I know use it and never got rashes or burns. I still recommend this to anyone looking for an all natural deodorant and I hope it doesn't end for you like it did me.

Good Natural Deodorant So far as natural deodorants go, this product is pretty good. I definitely wouldn't say it works as well as other non-natural deodorants and antiperspirants, but if you're worried about unhealthy ingredients, skin irritation, ect. then this is a pretty good product. Personally, I was after a deodorant that didn't contain aluminum after I heard that it can cause yellow sweat stains on white clothes I was having a problem with, and as an added bonus it turned out to be much less irritating than my previous deodorants. I had just figured deodorants were all supposed to itch and dry your skin out. Who knew! One of my bigger complaints though is that it doesn't come in more scents. I've only ever seen lavender, apricot (bleh), and unscented.

Works for me I love Tom's deodorants because they don't contain aluminum; since I'm not a very sweaty person, they work for me. My sister, on the other hand, reeks of body odor if she uses natural deodorants. Depending on your level of stink, this may be great for you.

Good, Healthier Ingredient Deodorant I really like using Tom's deodorant because its formula is made with healthier ingredients and the company is committed to sustainability. The price is also fairly affordable, compared to many natural, healthier deodorants. My only complaint is that this deodorant usually doesn't keep me odor free all day and I have to reapply multiple times.

TOM not good I thought this was going to be an amazing product since its natural. My arm pits broke out in a rash, as well as my friend broke out in a rash I would not recommend this product to people.

I really like this deodorant because it is safe to use and natural. I picked one up for my son when he started needing some. He was still too young to get exposed to the deodorants out there. I didn't want him to get all of the chemicals and harmful ingredients in his developing body, but we needed to find something to help control his odor. This certainly did the trick.

Natural and safe It hard to find products to use on a child that's starting to get body odor. My son is very active in sports and i needed something to help his with the body odor but didn't harm him. This is the perfect deodorant for him, it's natural and free of chemicals. I don't have to worry about anything happening to him. I need to reapply after a game but that's normal since they tend to work alot through a game.

No underarm odor This deodorant is awesome. The smell of lavender is light and it really protects my underarms from sweat and odor. I like that its aluminum free and does not cause any irritation on me. It goes on clear and leaves no residue. I use it daily and have had no problems with it. It also comes in an apricot scent and a unscented bottle.

I would recommend this item, it's natural ingredients make for a less toxic product and it smells wondrous. While using Tom's deodorant I don't feel like my underarms are wet and the smell isn't overwhelming either. I also noticed it does't leave white residue under my arms either. Highly recommended, I love it!

I started using this product without aluminum in it. I tried to see if my body would react differently from the deoderant with the aluminum, and it turns out that this does the job just as well, if not better. I dont feel like i have any issues with odor, wetness, or that it doesnt work. It works, its natural, im a believer.

The product is ok for a natural product I have tried many. I usually like to try this product after I shave under my arms since thats when my pores are most vulnerable to chemicals from other products. This works great for about 4 hours and then the "natural body smell" AKA musk is present.

I have sensitive skin, and most deodorants I've used have caused a lot of skin irritation. Not this one though! I would definitely recommend this product to others with sensitive skin. Although I would say if you have a lot of problems with sweating or have a very active lifestyle and have not had any issues with other deodorants that this product probably will not be right for you. It isn't nearly as strong as other deodorants and you might find yourself sweating a bit more or smelling a bit faster with it on, which is one major downside.

The first two weeks I used this I loved it. Then I noticed it didn't last all day and I had to reapply halfway through the day. It seems to work well on cooler days especially when you aren't very active but if it's a hot day and you will be active bring it with you to freshen up through the day. Considering it's all natural its a decent product if you want to get away from the chemicals of traditional deodorants but it will take a little getting used to.