Tostitos Artisan Recipes Fire-Roasted Chipotle Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Fire-Roasted Chipotle Tortilla Chips

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This chip is great! You don't even need dip! They are made from 100% natural ingredients and have 8 grams of whole grains per serving. I'm partial to the Roasted Garlic & Black Bean, but my roommate loves the Fire-Roasted Chipotle.

Tried the black bean and garlic yesterday. I've always been a Tostitos fan but am thrilled to find a seasoned, all natural chip! I already told my Cool Ranch loving sister about them and she's going to try them soon!

I have to say the Black Bean and Garlic are FANTASTIC! Even my 6yr old likes them. They are great to take to a party because you dont any calorie added dip with it!!

Awesome just Awesome chips... Go out and buy all natural and just around good

FANTASTIC, i normally like tons of dip with my cornchips/tortillas, but these are so tasty you don't WANT any dip because it' might make you miss out on the true flavor of the chip! delicious!


Thought I was not a tester for this product, I did buy them. Love that this is a good option for incorporating a whole grain into our daily diets. I add them as a snakc inour lunches, pair them with soup when we take soup for lunch, have served them as an appetizer at a party, and also have served them with chili, chips and cheese!

I love that they are hearty and Yummo! My kids love them too! The perfect chip for just snacking, dipping or dressing up with toppings!

this is just so so so good

I wasn't a tester for this product but I did buy them recently at my local Giant food store. The black bean and garlic are really good. My girls ages 9 and 11 loved them. They ate them for an after school snack and asked to take them in their lunch. I bought a chip and dip set for my sister as a house warming gift and plan to give a bag of these along with the set.

There are literally the best tortilla chips I have ever had! They are SO fantastic. I feel great eating them because they have whole grains and I can eat these plain. I am partial to the Chipotle pepper variety. They are great with a dip or plain. Literally... these are soooo AWESOME! I started passing them out to everyone at work to try and to everyone in my entire family!

These are amazing! My whole family loved them!

I loved them-eating the plain right out of the bag or adding homemade salsa to them!! Yum-definitely a rebuy!!!

We had some people over for dinner last night and I thought that would be the perfect time to test these chips out. They were delicious and everyone asked what they were. Definitely a hit. I will be adding these to my grocery list every week.

Excellent flavor and go perfect with wine! Love that they are whole grain and have a little bit of healthy kick to them as well! Will definitely purchase again! :)