Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy

              Rated #11 in Fragrance
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97% Recommended
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Great For Summer Love this fragrance! Light and fun and lasts all day.

Fresh scent Light fresh scent. Wear this often and have for years

Takes me back in time.... I love Happy, I have been wearing it since I was a Teenager! It's got such a light, fun scent...everytime I smell this fragrance it takes me back in time & stirs up memories of my youth. This is a light, citrusy fragrance that's perfect for everyday!!

fresh, clean scent This is my favorite perfume. Light,fresh and citrus scent. Not strong and overbearing. I get compliments everywhere I go with this scent. I absolutely love it!!

I am not one to be attached to many types of perfumes mainly due to allergies but I LOVE the smell of Clinique Happy. Clinique wings again with yet another wonderful product!

Very bright scent. I would suggest for younger women. It's strong daisy smelling.

classic and amazing!

I have been wearing this perfume for over 20 years and never get tired of it. I receive compliments every time I have it on, mainly from men. I love the citrus fresh scent with a touch of floral. It's my daily go to perfume and suitable for any occasion. The name is perfect since I feel happy whenever I wear it!

Clinique Happy has a pleasant, citrusy, but also floral scent. It's one of my favorite perfumes because it smells fresh and bright--happy, just like its name.

Husband bought it for me and I love it. Very fresh summery scent.

It's a nice perfume. I also just got it in my most recent Clinique gift. It smells clean and it's good to wear on any day occasion.

one of my favorite brand. I use so many Clinique products including this perfume. Just unique and Clinique

Smells amazing!

Very clean, bright, citrus scent that is perfect for summer!

Clinique happy is one of my all time favorite fragrance. I remember going into secretary state getting my tabs renew the clerk ask what fragrance I was wearing. Told her Clinique Happy. She said smells pretty.