Rocket Dog Sneakers

Rocket Dog Sneakers

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On the whole, I love Rocket Dog sneakers. Most of them run pretty wide (great for my big feet!) and large (I usually can wear a 10 instead of my usual 11). Most are very comfortable. And they come in a lot of funky, colorful styles. However, some, for whatever reason, are not as comfortable as the rest and hurt my feet after a while. They run smaller, or do not have as much support, or something. So you must be careful when choosing Rocket Dog sneakers, to ensure you are getting the comfy ones and not the uncomfy ones.

cool, funky, love the colors

Rocket dog shoes are perfect for travel. I pick up a pair when I am going someplace I am going to walk a lot and need comfort but something cute enough to wear with a variety of pant lengths. I do recommend trying them on prior to buying because the size can vary- and you can typically find a variety of options at places like DSW

I love my rocket dog sneakers! So comfy, stylish and easy to wear.

Normal shoes The Rocket Dog Sneakers Review highlights the comfort and affordability of the brand's shoes. While they may not be as iconic as Jordan, they still provide excellent support and style. Overall, Rocket Dog is a great option for those looking for quality sneakers without breaking the bank.