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  • berryartsandphotography By  berryartsandphotography    

    Amazing Color Selection in this Palette

    I love that Coastal Scents offers such an array of beautiful eyeshadow shades to suit all of your needs, wants, and everything inbetween. I often use this palette for my beauty photo shoots and for my daily, colorful makeup looks! Excellent pigments and a steal of a deal for all that you get in this palette!

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  • MelisaReviewz By  MelisaReviewz    

    These have great color payoff, but if you don't use a primer they will not last more than a few hours at best. With a primer, I get about 10 hours out of them with minimal creasing. Make sure you are buying from Coastal Scents or you run the risk of getting a cheap knock off. Coastal Scents prices are cheap enough that it isn't worth getting the nasty, chalky knockoffs.

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    I bought this palette and i hate it. The eyeshadows are only pigmented while you swatch it. It doesn't show up on your eyes really

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  • Southern-girl By  Southern-girl    

    Love the vibrant colors great product gives me the variety of colors that off set my features. This product also great for giving as a gift

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  • momof3girls1006 By  momof3girls1006    

    love love love it! nice variety of colors!!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Very good. Good pigment.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    Great colors pigmentation and inexpensive

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  • chloenawn By  chloenawn    

    Although it is unlikely that I will ever need to use all the colors in this palette, the payoff is excellent and you cannot beat the price!

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  • Lisav231980 By  Lisav231980    

    Love this palette. I use it all the time it has such a variety of colors and is very pigmented. For the price you pay it is an excellent value.

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  • meccam By  meccam    

    I love this so much. Costal Scents has amazing eyeshadows for such a great price. They are higly pigmented, soft on the skin, and a little goes a very long way. After buying this I went on to buy their 252 palette I loved their shadows so much. I think that palette is around $30 on amazon.

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  • nikkilee0625 By  nikkilee0625    

    I absolutely love this product, I love how pigmented it is and the bright colors it has,not to mention that the price is right too

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  • ashleyhorton82 By  ashleyhorton82    

    Love love love!! Value variety and amazing pigment

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  • zzayed2 By  zzayed2    

    My roommate just got this and it's awesome! Great coverage.

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  • marjan0801 By  marjan0801    

    This is better than my MAC eyeshadows. The color is pigmented and I've had mine for over a year. I wear makeup almost everyday and I have plenty left. You can't beat the price. Buy from Amazon for free shipping.

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  • beautyfoolreview By  beautyfoolreview    

    some colors are good some are chalky. Im pretty sure this is made in china and thus tested on animals. Also you can order blank pallets with no print on them direct from china for much cheaper.

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