Gymboree Childrens Clothing

Gymboree Childrens Clothing

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Great clothing - dress your kids like KIDS, not teens. aamzing sales and promotions and check out GYMBUCKS - makes your future purchases %50 off, and that can be off of already clearanced merchandise!! washes the BEST and lasts through several children!

I shop here all the time. The trick for saving at Gymboree is to buy off-season clothes. Last summer I bought all of my son's winter clothes for a fraction of the price! There clothes run a little bigger so he was able to wear them the whole season. I just make sure that I visit the store a couple times a month to check sizes and deals. Once your child outgrows the clothes, most consignment shops will pay top dollar for their clothes. It's worth it to me.

beautiful children's clothing but it is pricey!

When my daugher was little I loved to shop at the Gymboree outlet or the regular retail stores when they had a sale. It is pricey for childrens clothes that will only be worn a couple of times but the clothes are made nice and wash well.

Great clothing for babies/toddlers and great sales !!!! Love how you can coordinate all the clothing for small kids...kind of expensive but I like to shop the clearance

Bit pricey, but on a 50% off sale, I can find a few bargains :)

I love this store, but too pricey for me!

I love their clothing but as a one income military family it is WAY too pricey for us! I have to shop there when they have an AWESOME sale or if I find a coupon which is not often.

clothes are great and last a very long time. the only problem is that it is to high for baby clothes

cutest stuff but SO expensive - even their sales are expensive. A $35 pair of pants on sale for $27 is not a sale. Even with their GymBucks program, it's still too expensive. You spend $50 and get a $25 gift certificate to spend on a future $50 purchase - so you have to spend a total of $100 to get $25 off. There is about a 10 day period when you can use your GymBucks and the prices during that time are high - maybe only 25-30% off retail. They don't run good sales during GymBucks redemption time. Yes, they have a clearance rack with decent prices, if you can find the size you need, but it's hard to find $50 worth of clothes just from clearance.

Expensive!!! I can't justify spending that much money on clothes they are going to out grow or damage. While their stuff is very cute and fashionable I just can't do it!

Too expensive for my tast. Not to mention the clothes seem like kids are an accessory to a parent. To make them a "mini me" to parents. Kids are ment to play and get dirty on a normal day, not look like they are in a photo shoot! I cannot see myself paying that kin of money for clothes that arent going to fit him next year!

Pricey, pricey, pricey! Their clothes are a bit too frilly for my taste (I have all girls). I've found very few items for my girls here, so I don't visit too much.

Way over priced for clothes that will only be worn for a few weeks/months by infants, toddlers and children. The clothes are decent quality, but it's not worth the money to me.

I felt that they are way too expensive for the little they offer, but have a friend that loved it. I guess it all depends on what you are willing to spend and how long they will use the clothes for.