Canon Powershot SX10 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SX10 Digital Camera

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I am a Camera NUT and Love taking pictures of anything and Everything..I have a Canon Powershot but not as big as this one...would Love Love Love to have a new one

To purchase one model higher would have given me HD video, but I was primarily looking to have the best photos I could get and really wanted to keep the AA batteries. I use rechargeable batteries and get great life out of them. I mainly chose this model as it was less expensive than an SLR, not so needy of extras accessories, wanted the 'color accent' feature which was lost on several of the more 'compact' Canon's. I have had some issues with using the on board flash on farther shots, even indoors, but it does have the capability of using the 'hotboot' flash. It has a lot of learning functions, and I do suggest fully playing with it, using the ISO functions helps with lighting and blur and there is just a plethora of functions and an awesome zoom. The only major con is the size- it is as large! I do miss my A540 which this one replaced because I could just put it in my purse. I'm yet to enlarge something to get the benefit of the additional MP's and really, the 12MP isn't a necessity unless you are regularly printing out 16x20's. I do love Canon, and think this is another hit, and I look forward to troubleshooting with their oh so versatile point and shoot, borderline SLR!