Waggin' Train  Chicken Jerky Tenders

Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders

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My dogs wont eat any meal unless they have the Chicken Jerky Tenders. I cut them up and put them on the dogs food. They will not eat unless I put the Jerky on their food Just LOVE them thanks so much for making my dogs Happy,

My furbabies love Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders. It's an all natural treat. Which is what I truly love about this product. And a healthy alternate from the grain and byproduct treats.

This is another treat my dog really liked. I don't know if they are harmful or not but my Bichon liked them a lot!

this is my dogs favorite go to treat and the cat trys to eat them to if I don't hide them! they are a hard crunchy piece of chicken and that is all that is on the ingredients list and that makes me happy to know I'm not giving my pet chemicals and I couldn't believe the value. it was great

my dog is a six year old miniature pinscher and she is very picky about what she eats. she loves these treats and comes running when she hears me rattling the bag.,and whi

My dogs really enjoy this snack. I go through the bags so quickly. I wish the cam in larger bags.

Best pet treats on the market. Natural, healthy and they love them. My 4 will not go to bed without theirs, treats and then sleep....and the one with yams and chicken is a close tie to the chicken tenders with them. They need them or I get no sleep....seriously.

My 100 pound lab mix loves these things! And, in all honesty, they smell so good I almost wanna try them!

All four of My Dog'd just loves these treats....

My dogs loooove this treat. I keep them in my pantry and my dogs will sit by the door waiting for me to give them their favorite treat. I also get them at Sam's Club, which seems to be reasonably priced.

my picky eater dakota loves these, we find these at our grocery store at a great price.like that theyre also very healthy.

My dogs are in LOVE with this and a great treat for them after they behave. I don't know about some people, but then I won't feed my dog something that has a lot of preservatives or waxy texture like most of the treats that are out there. These are a lot healthier! Also, they are at such a reasonable price if you buy them at Costco! My dogs don't even want to eat their milk bone biscuits anymore after they tried this treat!

My dogs love these!!! They are a great treat for them when they behave & I can usually buy them in bulk in BJ's...

My maltese loves these.

Our friend's dog love this...she is a cookie monster too!