Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

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Originally at the store it smelt good, brought it home and used it for the first time and my boyfriend did not like it at all. Ended up returning it. Not for everyone. Perfumes are often a tricky buy, one minute you fall in love all the sudden you fall out of love.

This fragrance does nothing for me, as much as I want to like it, It just is not a fragrance that I would wear

My husband bought this for me but i rarely use it its kinda for older women..

I have conflicting feelings about this perfume. On one hand, I want to applaud it for being a popular perfume that doesn't smell like candy, but it gives me a headache. I actually bought it perfume a while back based on the good reviews and description of the scent, I used it for about a week (and I only use one spray per day) and I was wondering why I was having headaches every day. It was the perfume. Now I can sense it on anyone and I wouldn't be able to sit beside them on the train or subway, because I do not want to get a headache. I'm not typically affected by scents to get headaches, very full florals can give me a headache, but I can wear Flowerbomb and not get a headache for example. My other issue with this perfume is I would never want this to be my signature perfume. It's not too common, but it's so identifiable that there's no mystery to it. In my experience this smells the same on everyone. I prefer my perfume to be more of a mystery, instead of a brand broadcast.

this fragrance is ok, it is light and smells the same on most anyone, if the color of light blue had a scent this would be it, it is light and calming

While I do like this scent, I don't love it.. Not for any fault on part of the brand, just from personal preference. But I do receive compliments when I wear it, and I do recommend it to friends.

Very light and fresh scent. A perfect day time perfume!

I rarely wear perfume because my husband hates it however he does like the light, clean, and crisp scent. It's the only scent that he and I both enjoy.

It smells pretty good and lasts a long time!

The women and mans fragrance both smell great. This can be an everyday fragrance.

I love how this smells on me, however, it is not something that I can wear every day to work. It is quite strong and offends some of my co-workers allergy issues.

favorite summer time smell...makes you feel clean, fresh and sexy...a must have for the summer months.

I do like this, it smells good and lasts. But my favorite is still D&G The One!

I've personally never worn this fragrance. However, I have approached women about the fragrance they were wearing and several times it was Light Blue. Definitely on my to buy list.

I love this sexy, feminine, irresistible scent which I use day and night for any occasion and everyone loves it! After trying out lots of different perfumes in the store this was definitely the nicest!